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The Auna KS-1 Starlet is a versatile karaoke system that turns your karaoke party into something special. With CD+G support, you can play your own personally-created karaoke titles and tailor the karaoke night according to your own wishes. The included TV connection cable allows you to easily transfer sound and picture to your television. Even without a TV, the KS-1 Starlet from Auna is well-suited for spontaneous vocal performances. The CD player plays any commercially available CD from your favourite artists. In addition to the master volume, the device offers a stepless control for microphone volume, echo effects, and stereo mix of the song. The Automatic Voice Control (AVC) feature automatically scales down the volume of the music when you sing into the microphone. The adjustable microphone volume knob ensures that even quieter voices can be heard. In addition to the included vocal microphone, the KS-1 Starlet features an additional input for a second optional microphone. Nothing stands between you and a romantic duet performance! With an uncluttered control panel, it is easy to navigate between songs with little effort. The practical repeat and programming functions provide everything you need for the latest generation of karaoke entertainment. User manual PDF
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For singing stars and newcomers: the auna DiscoFever is a compact karaoke system that is equipped to make the hearts of every karaoke lover beat faster. Plug in the dynamic microphone, insert the included CD into the top-loading CD player and already the first duet is ready to be matched with the glow of colourful LED lights. The 17.5 cm (7”) TFT colour display also displays the lyrics - this increases the fun factor and makes connection to external devices not absolutely necessary. Kids can be in their room singing without the need for a TV in the area. If a larger company wants to gather around a TV set, monitor or beamer, the back video output can be used for image transmission. The line output can be used to connect the audio signal to more powerful HiFi systems, amplifiers or PA systems. The compact karaoke pro can also play music from modern audio sources. Via Bluetooth, the system streams songs from smartphones or tablets and conveniently features a holder for data-carrying devices. It is also possible to connect external audio sources via the AUX connector and the USB port. Sing like a star: the adjustable echo as well as the balance effect gives vocal sound colours the final touch. The vocals can be listened to later by critical ears, recorded onto a USB carrier. The auna DiscoFever Bluetooth karaoke system skillfully spotlights the stars with its light effects and ensures unforgettable hours of karaoke fun at parties and spontaneously at home. Available colours: white , black (item 10030797) User manual PDF
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Karoke fun for the whole family: The auna KaraProjectura karaoke machine provides unforgettable singing sessions and colourful colour effects on the next party. Hours of fun are guaranteed, thanks to an integrated beamer, kids can read the lyrics synchronously with the music being played and cheerfully show off their singing skills. The karoke expert presents itself as a technical professional and has a format-friendly top-loading CD drive as well as a USB port. In addition to the popular disc types, the auna KaraProjectura plays the widely used MP3 format. In order to get the right karoke effect, the karaoke machine also reads karaoke CDs with subtitles. Special clue: The KaraProjectura comes with its own projector. Thus, the lyrics can be read off the canvas or wall. In order to make the text highly visible, the projector lens and the focus can be adjusted manually or with the menu. If a TV set, beamer or monitor is connected, the back video output can be used for image transmission. The line output is used to connect the audio signal to more powerful hi-fi systems, amplifiers or PA systems. As a real karaoke audio system , the auna KaraProjectura has two front-mounted, 6,3mm jack microphone inputs with separate volume control, controllable echo effect and convenient A.V.C function. The volume can be controlled separately for the two microphones, so that nothing gets in the way of a duet. This makes singing even more joyful: multicoloured LEDs make a colourful light show and dance to the beat of the music. Whether on the next birthday, the Christmas party or as entertainment in everyday life. With the auna KaraProjectura karaoke machine you can start the karaoke fun right away and entertains big and small people. User manual PDF
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The auna KA8P-V2 is a stylish karaoke machine combining the functions of a CD player and a stereo system , thanks to its built-in CD drive and multitude of connection options. It's not only well-suited for children, but for real karaoke enthusiasts too. Its CD drive supports most common media formats, including MP3s and JPEGs, but unlike regular CD players, it also supports CD+G discs: karaoke CDs with subtitles. The integrated 9 cm (3.5") TFT colour display ensures bright images with razor-sharp quality, and a built-in broadband speaker does the same for sound playback. Furthermore, you can watch videos on TVs, projectors or monitors instead of the karaoke machine thanks to the cinch video output, and you can play the audio via hi-fi systems, amplifiers or speakers using the line output. The karaoke machine has two 6.3 mm microphone input jacks, as well as separate volume controls, an adjustable echo effect and a practical A.V.C. function. Two compatible microphones are included in delivery, ensuring you don't need to spend any more money. With its lightweight housing and two ergonomic carrying handles, the auna KA8P-V2 karaoke machine proves itself as a loyal band member for singers. User manual PDF
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The Auna Amp-EQ -Sing amplifier is an ultra compact karaoke amplifier with a wide range of functions. The two rear RCA inputs and the front auxiliary input can connect the Auna amplifier with equipment ranging from computers to DVD, CD or MP3 players. The amplifier also has two microphone connections allowing it to be used at events such as karaoke parties, meetings and promotions. The mic section has separate controls and is fitted with a variable echo/delay effect in order to achieve optimum sound quality. Thanks to its small size, the Auna Amp-EQ-Sing can be used anywhere at anytime, and its solid frame makes it extremely mobile. User manual PDF
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User manual PDF
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Let's get this party started! With the auna Light Up tower speaker , your apartment will turn into a sea of colors - all without any complicated technology! The auna Light Up tower speaker dances with light! 8 color LEDs adds the party atmosphere onto the music, while the two 3" speakers takes care of ensuring the right sound experience. When selecting the audio source, the tower won't shy away. There will be no unnecessary clutter. A bluethooth-enabled phone, tablet or MP3 player can fit into the top mounted recess on the speakers. The USB and SD card port allows you to play more playlists. With the built-in AUX input, even more songs can be added to your party playlist. If there is no music at hand, the fallbackis the buil-in FM radio which has automatic station search and storage. All controls are easily accessed via the top-mounted control panel with its LED display or simply via the remote control. Gloriously colorful! The auna Light Up tower speaker makes your favourite music a rhythmic dance of light. Available version: white , black (item 10030357) User manual PDF
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The Auna AV2-CD509 is a versatile HiFi system with an intelligent product design and refined quality. At the heart of the Auna AV2-CD509 is its CD player with CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 compatibility. The system also features a front USB port for integrating MP3 libraries from MP3 players and USB storage devices. Unlike many other HiFi CD players the Auna system features an integrated radio receiver with 40 station presets when connected to the house antenna via aerial cable. The Auna AV2-CD509 is ideal for affordably upgrading an existing HiFi set up whereby the amplifier does not feature an onboard radio receiver. The CD player proves itself perfect for linking to an amplifier with its coaxial and optical outputs as well as an RCA line output. The system features a notable elegant design with a subtle control panel and brushed stainless steel front. User manual PDF
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The auna Pocket Rocker is a fun karaoke machine that delights children and parents alike thanks to its child-friendly design. The machine has built-in stereo speakers as well as a front-side CD player with a repeat function, programmed play and an LED display. Like any real karaoke machine, it comes with two dynamic microphones with flexible cords and individual volume control. Its functions and child-friendly design make the auna Pocket Rocket perfect for your child's room. The rounded design features no sharp-edged corners or protruding parts in order to avoid injuries. The large, child-friendly buttons make it easy for your child to change the volume. The ergonomic carrying handle on the top side helps you carry the auna Pocket Rocket from point A to B and back. Two dynamic handheld microphones are included, so your child can start singing right away. User manual PDF
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The auna StarMaker Karaoke system combines full-featured versatile connection options with a colourful multicolour LED lighting effect to delight the hearts of young and old alike. The format-friendly CD drive plays conventional audio CDs as well as rewritable blanks. Unlike conventional CD players, the auna Karaoke system also plays CD + G media: Karaoke CDs with subtitles. An additional special feature is the lighting effect with eight multi-colour LEDs on the front panel. These support ambitious singers with highly luminous and colourful light effects. A built-in broadband speaker on the front is devoted to providing good sound. There is also the possibility of sending image signals via the rear video output to external devices such as TVs, projectors or monitors. Meanwhile, the audio signals can be sent to HiFi systems, amplifiers or powered speakers via the line output. As a full-featured Karaoke audio system, it has two front-fitted 6.3mm jack microphone inputs, along with a separate volume section, adjustable echo effect and practical AVC function. Two dynamic cable microphones are included with delivery, so there is no need for additional purchases. The housing is also equipped with two side-mounted microphone holders. The auna StarMaker is ideal as a space-saving and fun addition to children’s and youth rooms, and is also perfect for serious fans of Karaoke. User manual PDF
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The auna Kara Illumina karaoke machine will make the next party unforgettable for all guests. With the karaoke machine, the kids can sing their favorite songs for hours on end, either one after another of together in a duet. Of course, the auna Kara Illumina karaoke machine fulfills the highest technical requirements. In addition to the widely used MP3 format, your format-friendly CD drive also plays standard disc types of the present digital age. In contrast to conventional CD players, it even can support CD+G media - that is, karaoke CDs with subtitles. It is ideal for entertaining karaoke sessions. The built-in broadband speaker produces a great sound quality. Its multi-color LEDs provide a light show that visually enhances the karaoke experience. In addition, there is the possibility of transmitting images to external video sources via the rear video output, e.g. TV, beamer or monitor. The audio signal is fed through the line output to more powerful hi-fi systems, amplifiers or active speakers. As a real karaoke system, the auna Kara Illumina has two front-mounted 6.3mm microphone input jacks with separate volume control, an echo effect and a convenient A.V.C. function. The volume can be adjusted separately for the two microphones, so that nothing is in the way of a harmonious duet. Your child is planning an overnight stay with their best friend and the auna Kara Illumina karaoke machine is missing? No problem! The stylish device has a practical carrying handle so it can be transported easily from A to B. Especially cool is the colorful light show, which dances to the beat of the music. It conjures up an incomparable disco vibe and highlights the wonderful singing. Available colors: pink , black (article 10030550) User manual PDF
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The auna Kara Liquida belongs to a new generation of karaoke systems and is ideal for singers and music lovers thanks to its wide range of functions and numerous clever details. As well as all that, it is suitable as a space-saving solution for children, teenagers and big karaoke fans. Along with the widespread MP3 format, the format friendly top-loading CD player plays all common digital disc types. Unlike conventional CD players, however, it can also play CD+G disks - which are karaoke CDs with subtitles. Ideal for entertaining karaoke sessions. The integrated wide range speaker is not only dedicated to the acoustics and good sound. Its multicolored LEDs create an atmospheric effect lighting that visually enhances the karaoke experience. This is supported by two lateral water jets that pump water in time with the music being played or the incoming microphone signal. On request, the water fountain can be illuminated by four LEDs. Moreover, there is the option of sending the image signal to external devices- such as televisions, projectors or monitors- via the rear video output. The audio signal can also be directed to more powerful Hi-Fi systems, amplifiers or powered speakers through the line output. As a true karaoke audio system, the auna Kara Liquida has two front-fitted 6.3 mm jack microphone inputs, with separate volume controls, adjustable echo effect and a practical AVC function. The matching microphones are also included. Thanks to the lightweight body, a carrying handle and the option for battery operation, the established auna Kara Liquida karaoke systems is the ideal faithful companion for freestyle singers, leisure time acrobats and anyone else who values clean, musical entertainment. User manual PDF
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Fan with three speeds, countdown timer and oscillation function. Improve indoor air with fragrance oil diffuser and built-in air filter to remove dust and dirt particles. Modern and space-saving tower design with touch control panel. Includes remote control for convenient control. The Skyscraper 2G pedestal fan from Klarstein dominates over its competitors both visually and technically, efficiently bringing fresh air into your rooms. The slim housing is modeled on a skyscraper which supports your desire for cool, fresh air and a gentle breeze. Measuring at only 22.5cm at its thickest point, the pedestal fan fits easily into small nooks and crannies, making it far superior than normal propellor fans in terms of space alone. The modern exterior makes it ideal for use in an office or living room, but its appearance is still optically neutral enough to make it fit easily into even classic environments. The fan blows fresh air in three speeds to provide cooling in warm areas (high, medium, slow). A switchable oscillation moves the column part of the Klarstein Skyscraper in a 60-degree angle from left to right and then back again, rotating. This movement also makes optimal use of the space and distributes fresh air into all corners. A built-in timer function can be used to automatically shut off the pedestal fan after a set period of time. This ensures that you can always rest assured that the fan doesn’t run unnecessarily, even if you forget to manually turn it off. The timer can be set in 1-hour intervals from one to seven hours. For those whose noses are plagued by unpleasant odours, the Klarstein pedestal fan features an aroma diffuser. This clicks into the air flow, ready to perform its duties. In its interior there is an aroma flow, which, soaked with a few drops of fragrance oil, enriches the ventilated air with pleasant aromas for hours. So that you don’t have to decide on just one aroma, the fragrance dispenser is supplied with three interchangeable tiles. Additional air improvement is achieved by the Skyscraper’s built-in filter, which removes dust and dirt particles from the intake air. It can be easily removed and cleaned under running water. The Klarstein device is controlled either via a charming touch panel on top of the housing or conveniently via the included remote control. An illuminated display on top of the device indicates the selected settings in easily understandable icons. Four anti-slip rubber feet provide a stable position for the device, while a handle on the back allows for easy transport of the fan. Available colours: silver, white (item 10027944), black (item 10027946). User manual PDF
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The Auna Radio Recorder is a versatile companion for music lovers. Not only can this shapely boombox be used as a stationary kitchen radio, its possible battery operation makes it the perfect portable music station when you are on the go! In addition to classic components such as a cassette deck and radio receiver, the Auna Radio Recorder allows for playback from USB drives and many MP3 players via the convenient USB port. The CD player reads standard CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and even MP3 CDs. The programming function allows you to set any playback order you prefer - ideal for custom playlists! When you've listened to your entire CD and MP3 collection, the Auna Radio Recorder is ready with its FM radio tuner, making new music and news available anytime and anywhere! User manual PDF
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The auna Blackwood is a wide-ranging stereo system that fuses traditional and modern functional environments in a space-saving manner. At the centre of the device is a belt-driven record player , which together with the side-mounted cassette deck serves as the basis of playback of older music media. The device proves its desire to satisfy the requirements of modern media via a USB interface, which is mounted on the front, allowing the incorporation of MP3 tracks from USB sticks and MP3 players. This takes an an additional useful role by recording audio signals from records, cassettes, CDs and AUX directly as MP3 files on USB data carriers. Quickly, conveniently and without the help of a computer, you can archive vinyl treasures. External audio devices can be integrated into the sound system via the AUX input. The repertoire is rounded off by a built-in FM radio tuner with 10 quick-dialing memory slots. Manageable dimensions and two compact loudspeaker boxes make auna’s Blackwood a space-saving audio system, which is particularly convenient in residential areas with limited space. The 2-way bass reflex speakers produce a dynamic sound image, which may be amplified via line output to external audio devices. User manual PDF
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Do you start your day with the latest music tracks? Or would you rather end the evening with cozy songs? No matter which medium is your favorite, music news in the most elegant and bast sound quality are delivery with the Stanford digital radio from auna. Music at the push of a button. The auna Stanford is a true multitalent and knows both analog and digital language to provide access to countless radios. In addition to this, the RDS function provides useful supplementary content, such as the artist, title, album or even messages. Thus, the musical diversity of the DAB+ and FM radio is quickly and uncomplicatedly entered into its own four walls. Thus, the musical diversity of the DAB+ and FM radio is quickly and uncomplicatedly enters your own four walls. The Bluetooth interface makes it easy to connect to popular Bluetooth devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or computer. In addition to the possibility of wireless music playback, the auna Stanford also offers two classic line inputs for connecting to audio devices. Portable music files in MP3 format can be played via the USB port. In order to prevent the connected devices from an empty battery, another USB port is available for power supply. The format-friendly CD slot reads not only conventional CDs but also the widespread MP3 format. Enough range to meet every musical requirement. If you want to listen to some music in the evening before or in bed, enjoy the adjustable sleep timer. The device provides a programmable alarm clock to wake up in the morning. Clear shapes, rounded edges and a brushed aluminum screen adorn the elegant case. The orderly front contributes to the puristic design, which is limited to a multifunctional control element and five touch-sensitive keys on the top. This makes menu navigation particularly easy. All functions can be controlled via the supplied remote control. Time for getting it right. The auna Stanford digital radio bundles the leading musical media in a stylish design housing. User manual PDF
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The news with your first coffee, swing music while juggling cooking pots and exciting detective cases while going to sleep - listening pleasure for the whole family with the auna BeeBerry Boom Box . In addition to classic features such as a tape player and a top loading CD player for CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, it also has a convenient USB port for MP3 music. An FM radio and an AUX connection provide parents with up to date news and the option to connect external audio sources. Thanks to a back-up headphone connection, the favourite tune - entirely nerve friendly - can delight the kids in the loop. Retro love: it's still somewhere, the dusty cardboard box with the lovingly designed mix tapes and radio play tapes. The auna BeeBerry plays the analogue medium in its second spring and plays audible love messages as well as detective and creepy stories. Haptics are important, as large push buttons and rotary knobs allow for easy operation. The blue LCD display provides a clear visibility of the settings. For a colourful, joyful sound in the children's, living and play rooms or hobby rooms: the auna BeeBerry Boom Box travels from room to room thanks to its optional battery operation and plays the full range of musical repertoire in a colourful manner. Available colours: black , white (Art .: 10031425), pink (Art .: 10031427) User manual PDF
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End Of Line Black Granite 2 Hole Base Can be Extended NOTE - Delivery from week of 15th Feb One of our favourites, the Fabric Platform Cat Scratching Towe r. The two scratching posts are split with a fabric platform and hanging hammock at each level. The perfect tower that sleeps between one to three cats with the option to upgrade and add another fabric platform bed. The Cat Tower comes with the following as standard: 1 x 0.5 m cat scratching post 1 x 0.75 m cat scratching post 2 x fabric platform cat beds with cat hammock. 1 x cat tower granite base 50 cm x 50 cm or cat tower oak base 50 cm x 60 cm. Please note the sisal rope may vary in colour as we use natural products! This model can also be extended to the "Maxi Tigga Cat Scratching Tower" - perfect large cat activity centre for your feline . If you didn't find what you are looking for, please check our range of " Natural Cat Trees "
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The Auna DS-2 is a multi-compatible stereo system that can playback from MP3, USB, SD media and other audio formats. The compact unit has front USB and SD inputs, allowing you to connect USB and SD media devices such as USB sticks and MP3 players. The Auna stereo records the audio signal from records, CDs, auxiliary equipment and the radio at the touch of a button, without the need for a computer. This is an ideal and easy way to transfer your records or CDs into a handy digital format. The turntable's smooth belt drive provides for excellent recording quality. The Auna DS-2 is a complete home sound system with an MP3-compatible CD player, a radio and a turntable. Portable audio devices can be connected through the USB and SD inputs, as well as the jack AUX inputs. Virtually any form of portable audio device can be connected directly to the stereo. The line-out allows you to connect the device with an external stereo amplifier in order to increase the audio output. The stereo would also be perfect for the bedroom thanks to its built-in clock with an alarm. User manual PDF
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