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Dogs are extraordinary - feed them accordingly. Eukanuba represents extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary dogs. Eukanuba is formulated to provide complete and balanced world -class quality nutrition. High quality ingredients are used and high palatability is ensured. Based on continuous research, formulations are upgraded to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. Eukanuba products incorporate many nutritional management systems. To help clearly communicate the nutritional value of each product, a series of icons have been developed that show your clients the innovative health benefits in each diet. Eukanuba communicates the clinically proven ingredients in different key performance areas. Eukanuba's best Dog Food for overweight adult Large Breeds, recommended for large dogs such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Rottweilers and Golden Retrievers, with a tendency to be overweight. With 30% less fat, Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds Weight Control is ideal to help your large dog maintain a healthy weight. Eukanuba Canine food has clinically proven antioxidants to help build your dog's natural defences and optimal levels of Omega -6 and 3 fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and radiant coat. With high quality, animal -based proteins (chicken is our No1 ingredient), clinically proven to help maintain strong and lean muscles, and calcium to help support strong bones. Formulated with prebiotics and clinically proven beet pulp to promote digestive health and optimize nutrient absorption. It has been developed with veterinarians and is recommended by top breeders, to give your dog 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Every Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food diet has 3D DentaDefense technology, which cleans with every bite, reduces tartar build up by up to 80%* and helps your dog maintain strong teeth*vs. Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds* results may vary. Eukanuba: Providing tailored nutrition for your dog's life stage and size. CHICKEN IS OUR NO 1 PROT - Dogs
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