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Keep your active dog on the move for longer with this breed-specific Royal Canin Jack Russell Adult food. What it’s for This food is designed specifically for adult Jack Russell dogs over the age of 10 months. It can replace their usual food to give them the right balance of protein and vitamins they need for an active lifestyle. If you’re switching your dog’s food, gradually mix the old food with the new to prevent potential stomach upsets. You should consider your dog’s weight and lifestyle when deciding how much to feed them. Younger dogs weighing more than 10 kilograms can eat up to 206 grams of Royal Canin per day, while older pets who weigh less may only need 80 grams to feel satisfied at mealtimes. Key benefits delicious poultry content provides plenty of protein calcium included to strengthen bones and teeth packed with vitamins for a healthy immune system comes in a resealable bag for freshness suitable for adult Jack Russell dogs How it works Jack Russells are well known for being highly active and energetic, so you should feed them a dish tailored to their specific needs. This food is packed full of protein to keep them on the move well into their later years. It delivers a boost of energy, as well as supporting supple muscles. Your dog’s skin is taken care of thanks to borage oil, which keeps the skin’s natural barrier strong and your dog's coat thick and full. Calcium strengthens bones and teeth, while multivitamins give the immune system plenty of support, protecting your dog from picking up illnesses and infections. The crunchy kibble has even been designed to fit to their small jaw and works to remove plaque and tartar from their teeth as they chew. - pieces x 3kg
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