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Give your puppy a good start in life with this PURINA PRO PLAN Dog Medium Puppy with OPTISTART Rich in Chicken Dry Food. Packed full of colostrum, zinc and vitamin C, it covers all their nutritional needs. How it works Your puppy needs the right balance of nutrition as they grow; a healthy diet early on stands them in good stead for adult life. This food contains the special OPTISTART blend of everything your fun-loving little puppy will need to keep them fighting fit. The key ingredient in this food is colostrum, which is normally found in mother's milk. Colostrum bolsters your puppy's immune system, enabling them to fight off infections. Additional key nutrients, including vitamin C, zinc and calcium, contribute to joint, bone and general health too. Key features special OPTISTART blend of ingredients especially for medium-sized puppies colostrum boosts your dog's natural immune defences great flavour your pet will love natural ingredients supports bone and joint growth encourages and supports an active lifestyle. When to use it What your puppy eats when they are young can have a lasting effect on how they develop. Boosting their immune system early means they will be much more resistant to germs and infections as an adult. Making sure they have strong joints as they grow is equally important, as weak joints can lead to mobility problems in later life. Active dogs are happy dogs ' feeding your pet PURINA PRO PLAN Dog Medium Puppy with OPTISTART Rich in Chicken Dry Food is a good way to make sure both their joints and immune system develop properly as they grow. When it comes to your puppy, it's important to consult your vet before any major dietary changes. - pieces x 12kg
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