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This PURINA PRO PLAN Dog Small & Mini Puppy with OPTISTART Rich in Chicken Dry Food will boost your puppy's natural defences, giving them all the nutrients they need for a healthy journey into adulthood. How it works One of the most important aspects of your puppy's growth is developing a robust immune system. A healthy diet is crucial in this development, so this food contains a combination of vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients to boost their immunity against illnesses and the outside world. The specially designed formula is even beneficial to your puppy's dental health. Colostrum is an ingredient originally found in their mother's milk and gives your dog's immune system exactly what it needs for healthy growth and strength. Vitamins A, C and E all contribute to skin, joint and coat health, while the rice and beet content provide much-needed fibre. Key features high in fibre colostrum helps the development of your puppy's immune system packed with vitamins C, D and A tasty chicken flavour meets all your pet's nutritional needs as they grow. When to use it PURINA PRO PLAN Dog Small & Mini Puppy with OPTISTART Rich in Chicken Dry Food contains the special ingredient, colostrum, which is normally only found in their mother's early milk. This drastically boosts your puppy's immune system early on and is fundamental in their starting diet. Your puppy has different dietary needs to adult dogs; making sure they have a strong immune system as early as possible is important for fighting off illness and infection in later life. Balance is also important ' this food contains all the essential nutrients they need to grow into an playful, fun-loving adult, with strong joints, a healthy coat and soft skin. Always be sure to consult your vet before changing your dog's diet. - pieces x 7kg
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