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Icepure RWF1100A Fridge Water Filter Compatible For Samsung DA29-00003G Brand New Replacement cartridge for Samsung fridge freezers with internal filter. This filter connects internally to your Samsung fridge in the same way as the original Samsung filter models. Simply push and twist into place to install the new filter cartridge. Each filter comes with a month sticker that can be applied to the filter cartridge as a reminder. Recommended that the filter cartridge be replaced every 6 months Samsung Fridges with any of the following internal filter models: DA29-00003G, DA29-00003F, DA29-00003B, DA61-00159A, HAFIN1 EXP, HAFIN2 EXP. Fits the following models RF267AA, RF267AABP, RF267AABP/TST, RF267AABP/XAA, RF267AABP/XAC, RF267AARS, RF267AARS/XAA, RF267AARS/XAC, RF267AASH, RF267AAWP, RF267AAWP/XAA, RF267AAWP/XAC, RF277AB, RFG297, RFG297AABP, RFG297AABP/XAA, RFG297AABP/XAC, RFG297AAPN, RFG297AAPN/XAA, RFG297AARS, RFG297AARS/XAA, RFG297AARS/XAC, RFG297AAWP, RFG297AAWP/XAA, RFG297AAWP/XAC, RFG297ABBP/XAA, RFG297ABBP/XAC, RFG297ABPN/XAA, RFG297ABRS/XAA, RFG297ABRS/XAC, RFG297ABWP/XAA, RFG297ABWP/XAC, RFG297ACBP, RFG297ACRS, RFG297ACWP, RFG299, RFG299AARS, RFG299AARS/XAA, RFG299ABRS/XAA, RG21DGRS1X, RS21D, RS21DABB, RS21DCSV, RS21DCSV1XEU, RS21DLMP, RS21DLMR, RS21DPSM, RS21FCNS, RS21FCNS1, RS21JGNS, RS21JGRS, RS21JLAT196CF, RS21JPSV, RS21K, RS21KGNS, RS21KGRS, RS21KPSV, RS21NCNS, RS21NCSV, RS21WCSV, RS275, RS275ACBP, RS275ACPN, RS275ACRS, RS275ACWP, RS277, RS277ACBP, RS277ACBP/XAA, RS277ACBP/XAC, RS277ACPN, RS277ACRS, RS277ACRS/XAA, RS277ACRS/XAC, RS277ACWP, RS277ACWP/XAA, RS277ACWP/XAC, RS28KPAS, RS530, RSE8DZAS, RSE8DZAS1, RSE8DZAS1/XET, RSE8DZAS1/XEU, RSE8JPUS1/XEF, RSE8JPUS1/XEN, RSE8JPUS1/XEO, RSE8JPUS1/XES, RSE8JPUS1/XEU, RSE8KPAS, RSE8KPAS1, RSE8KPAS1/ANU, RSE8KPAS1/BUL, RSE8KPAS1/BWT, RSE8KPAS1/EUR, RSE8KPAS1/JUM, RSE8KPAS1/RAD, RSE8KPAS1/SED, RSE8KPAS1/SPL, RSE8KPAS1/SWS.