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Purina Pro Plan dog medium puppy for sensitive digestion with OPTIDIGEST rich in chicken dry food is especially for medium-sized puppies that tend to suffer from sensitive tummies. What it's for If you notice that your dog's got more wind than usual, has diarrhoea or is vomiting, then there's a chance that they're suffering from a sensitive tummy and they're not able to digest their food properly. Other signs can include munching on a lot of grass when you're out on walkies. Sensitive tummies in puppies can be a real cause for discomfort if left untreated. The unique combination of nutrients and vitamins in these Purina biscuits in chicken flavour helps your little pooch comfortably digest their food so that they don't have to deal with the nasty symptoms of an upset stomach, like flatulence, vomiting and loose poop. Key benefits designed especially for medium-sized puppies suffering from sensitive stomachs lots of vitamin C for an immune system boost high calcium content for healthy and strong joints easy-to-digest biscuits probiotics help balance out good bacteria in their stomach helps reduce loose stools, vomiting and flatulence in dogs that suffer from sensitive tummies. How it works The biscuits are made with lots of probiotics which have been clinically shown to help balance out all the good bacteria in your doggy's tum, helping to improve their symptoms. The recipe's also packed with vital nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin C and calcium to make sure their bones and joints are strong and their immune system can protect them from any nasty illnesses and diseases they might pick up. Always have a chat with your vet before changing your little pal's diet. - pieces x 3kg
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