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Made with evening primrose oil, orpine, horsetail and myrrh extracts, this cream supports the skin in its night regeneration phase. With a rich texture, it actively preserves the skin's youthfulness. Reduces the first wrinkles Nourishes the skin Reinforces and strengthens Preserves elasticity and vitality When you wake up, the skin is regenerated. It is visibly rested and relaxed. Tolerance tested under dermatological control. Brand : Weleda Weleda's skin care philosophy: Weleda relies on the deep symmetry between humans and nature, making its skin care products so unique. Their natural formulas stimulate the self-regulation forces of the body, favouring inner balance. With Weleda skin care products, your genuine beauty can fully come out. Weleda quality: No preservatives, colouring agents or synthetic fragrances No mineral oils Not tested on animals Use: Use in the evening on clean skin. Apply the fluid on the face, neck and decolleté. Make it penetrate...
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