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This Purina Pro Plan Dog Medium Adult for Sensitive Skin with Optiderma rich in Salmon dry food helps to keep your dog's coat glossy and their skin healthy. What it's for Lots of dogs suffer from sensitive skin, and it's easy to spot the tell-tale signs. If your pooch is scratching much more often, or licking a certain spot over and over, they might have sensitive skin problems. Sometimes diet can be the cause of this, as some foods irritate your pet's system and cause allergic reactions. Beef, wheat, and dairy are the most common causes, so choosing this Purina Pro Plan Dog Medium Adult for Sensitive Skin with Optiderma Rich in Salmon can help your best friend look and feel great while still getting all the goodness they need. If you do see any signs of sensitive skin, makes sure to speak to your vet as soon as possible. Key benefits free from the most common causes of skin irritation boosts joint health clinically proven to help your dog's skin stay healthy salmon and rice is tasty and easy to absorb Optiderma boosts skin health. How it works Sensitive skin can often be caused by diet, and proteins, which are found in meats like beef, as well as wheat and dairy, are the most likely to cause these problems. Skin irritation happens when your pet's body has trouble absorbing these proteins, and they treat it like an infection. This leads to inflamed and irritated skin. This food uses proteins that are much easier on your four-legged friend's tummy, and also has a special Optiderma formula to boost skin health. The food is also packed with additional nutrients to help keep their joints healthy. - pieces x 3kg
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