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Why Buy the Interlevin PH20F Freezer Prep Counter? If you are looking for a prep counter for your kitchen you always always consider the PH20F from Interlevin. It is a freezer prep counter that allows you to handle and prepare highly perishable food items without worrying about quality or hygiene. The unit incorporates a freezer section with an easy to clean worktop that will ensure you get everything done in one space. The PH20F comes with a stainless steel interior and exterior. Such a construction is ideal for kitchen equipment because it is durable and easy to clean. This way, maintenance and cleaning of the unit needn't be a chore and you will have more time to focus on offering the best service. With 2 solid hinged doors, this unit provides you with a freezer section that is designed for easy accessibility and maximum benefits. The temperatures provided inside the freezer range between -17°C to -22°C. These temperatures are evenly distributed through a fan assisted cooling system. To prevent the build-up of frosted ice within the freezer section, this electronically controlled unit uses a hot gas defrost system. You will find this helpful because it will save you valuable time and clear out the much-needed space for your storage purposes whilst ensuring performance and efficiency. This food preparation and storage equipment comes with a digital controller and temperature display to help you monitor and adjust the temperatures accordingly. Replaceable door gaskets help in maintaining the perfect conditions inside the freezer section. They also aid in the cleaning and maintenance of the unit in general. It is built on castors 2 of which are lockable to help in the easy and safe movement of the counter in your commercial space. This prep counter from Interlevin has 1/1 GN cupboards and 2 adjustable shelves for the placement of your stock. The unit also includes a 24 months manufacturer parts only warranty. Key Features of the Interlevin PH20F Gastronorm Freezer Counter Suitable for commercial use Freestanding placement 2 Solid hinged doors Self-closing doors Hot gas defrost Fan assisted cooling Fully automatic operation Digital controller and temperature display Temperature range of -17°C to -22°C Replaceable door gasket 1/1 Gastronorm cupboards Castors fitted, 2 lockable Stainless steel interior and exterior Running Requirements and Specifications External dimensions (mm) H840 x W1360 x D700 Internal dimensions (mm) H580 x H822 x D570 Gross internal volume 280L / 9.53 cubic foot Net Usable Volume 215L 2 adjustable shelves Climate Class: 4 Energy Efficiency Class C Refrigerant: R290 Max Ambient: 30°C at 55% RH Power Supply: 600W, 230V, 3A, 13 Amp supply Electric usage 3.97 kWh/24hr Electric usage 1449 kWh/annum Noise Level dB: <70 Weight: 105kg Packed weight 125kg Warranty 24 months parts only warranty supplied as standard MEPs Interlevin PH20F 1449 kWh/annum 280 L Gross Volume Climate Class 4 30C at 55% RH
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