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Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Optirenal Rich in Salmon & Rice is designed to provide all the nutrition that neutered cats need, while helping to maintain healthy kidneys. How it works The palatable flavour profile of salmon and rice in this food means your cat will love the taste, while the high protein content ensures it's a healthy option. Protein makes up 41% of the food, while fats are reduced to 12%. This makes it ideal for neutered cats, as the low fat content helps keep your cat at the right size and weight. At the same time, the combination of fish proteins means your cat won’t need to eat as much to be satisfied, helping to prevent overeating. Minerals are carefully balanced, which helps to prevent kidney stone formation. The food also supports your cat’s dental health with a unique kibble design to aid the removal of plaque and tartar build-up as your cat eats. Key benefits salmon and rice are a flavour your cat will enjoy high-protein, low-fat food satisfies your cat while keeping weight low balanced minerals to help control kidney stone formation kibble design contributes to your cat’s dental health. When to use it Neutering your cat has a number of positives, including no risk of pregnancy if she is female. Male cats will also tend to spray less, and stay closer to home. That said, one of the most common problems neutered cats face is gaining unwanted weight. Studies show that animals are likely to gain weight after the procedure, especially in the first two years. This happens because your cat's hormone levels are changed, which in turn affects their metabolism. Your cat’s body actually needs less food than before, but their appetite remains unchanged. High-protein, low-fat foods can help your cat to feel like they've eaten a much larger meal than they have. Additionally, Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Optirenal Rich in Salmon & Rice is a good way to help reduce the likelihood of kidney stones. These occur when minerals in your cat’s food crystallise in the kidneys. Because the mineral content in this food is low, stone formation is much less of a risk. To view the PRO PLAN Cat range click here - pieces x 3kg
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