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Feed Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult to your adult Chihuahua to make sure they get everything they need from their diet. What it's for If your Chihuahua's a bit of a fussy eater, you can blame their breeding – Chihuahuas have a reputation for being divas when it comes to what they eat. Bad eating habits can however lead to bad health, so feeding your pet a food specially designed for their breed should make things easier. A good diet will help your Chihuahua both look and feel healthy, and you should notice their coat becoming softer and more shiny after switching their food. Due to the shape of their jaws, Chihuahuas sometimes struggle to pick up pieces of food, so a specially designed meal can also be easier and more enjoyable for them to eat. Key benefits specially designed for adult Chihuahuas keeps coat shiny and healthy totally delicious! high quality ingredients mean less of a smell when your dog goes to the toilet special kibble shape is easy peasy for Chihuahuas to eat gives your dog everything they need from their food. How it works Your Chihuahua's coat is one of the things that makes them special, so this food has been made with a combination of ingredients designed to keep it soft and shiny. Because a healthy coat usually means a healthy body, you'll be able to see how your dog's health is improving from the changes in their fur. To help your Chihuahua pick up food easily with their tiny jaws, the kibbles are easy to pick up and chew. At the other end of their body, the high-quality ingredients in the food mean that while poop scooping will never be fun, it'll at least be a bit less smelly. And don't worry if your dog's a bit of a fusspot when it comes to food – this food is designed to smell and taste far too delicious to walk away from. - pieces x 3kg
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