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Record Power RPTCWA70 DetailsThe Record Power RPTCWA70 is manufactured from grey iron castings and the 4 inch faceplate is individually machined on external faces to a tolerance of 1/1000th of an inch. The CWA70 face plate has eight countersunk location holes which are geometrically located to ensure optimum holding position. Woodscrews are not supplied with this face plate, however we recommend the use of No.14 countersink screws and the length of screw will vary depending on your application. The CWA70 face plate is suitable for bowls up to 16 inches and for use on any lathe with a 3/4 inch x 16 TPI spindle.
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Be Bold, Our 4D Gel Plates Are Stylish And Stealthy In love with the sharp laser cut edges of the 4D plates, but also attracted to the way gel letters reflect the light? This is the best of both worlds. Our 4D Gel Number Plates feature raised 4D Gel letters, in either jet black or Carbon Fibre, set on Black laser Cut Acrylic backing for a chunky and bold look. This product style is in line with UK/DVLA road plates legislation. As with all of our other styles, these can be combined with short plates or even tinted acrylic Glued using very high bond adhesive UV light resistant, will not fade The Reflective Material is British Standards Approved and made by Nikkalite. FREE POSTAGE AND PACKAGING via a trusted courier service with confirmation of delivery at intended address, we aim for a turnaround of around 14 days to custom build and ship your order What size are 'Standard UK' number plates? Standard UK number plates have a dimension of 520mm length by 110mm height. What size are our ‘Short Plates’? This depends on how many letters your plate has, if you order a short plate for a 6 letter plate then we make your plates using 16 inch (402mm x 110) acrylic, and if your reg is an even shorter 5 letters then we will make your plates using 14 inch (330mmx110) acrylic, we've got you covered. All our 'Short Plates' are 100% in line with DVLA standards/legislation. What Does the Tint Option Mean? Tinted plates feature a darkened acrylic set onto a white or yellow reflective, SOLD AS SHOW PLATES Which Font Do We Use? We use the standard UK DVLA approved font entitled "UK Charles Wright" in the manufacture of all of our number plates and show plates.
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1574640000000,56.99],[1574726400000,58.99],[1582097959559,58.99]],"product_title":"4D BLACK + GEL | 4D Number Plates"}
Our most popular standard 4D plates are cut using a CNC laser to give precise, sharp edges. All 4D characters are cut in-house to the best quality available on the market! Fully road legal Safe to pressure wash Chemical resistant BSAU regulated What size options do I have? We can customise your new premium number plates by placing your reg over 1, 2 or 3 lines. This provides a unique and cleaner look for your plates. We leave an even gap between the edge of the plate and the characters. What are 'tinted plates'? Wanting to add an aggressive look to your vehicle? Check our tinted plates out! Delta plates can cut number plates from smoked acrylic sheets, we do not use cheap films to ‘tint’ plates! We only do the real deal. Take a look at the darkside . These are show plates only. For more information on plate variations please read our home page or contact us.
Size:  7" x 5" (2 row)
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1577923200000,24.99],[1579392000000,26.99],[1582097959562,26.99]],"product_title":"Bike 4D Acrylic Plate"}
Replacement Standard Number plates with only Road legal options, The High-quality class A materials along with clear ABS acrylic make our UK legal number plates the perfect upgrade. These plates will come with both manufacturer and postcode details with the BSAU 145d stamp. If your looking for show plates please use our custom plate designer which will offer you many more options and Legal Gel Number plates .
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This style of number plate features a 4D 3mm laser cut letter base, with the option of black gel or carbon gel on top for a combination style. This gives the best of both worlds, the curves of 3D gel which bounces the light off and the straight edges of laser cut letters on the bottom. Available with a Black or Crystal bottom. Fully road legal Safe to pressure wash Chemical resistant BSAU regulate What are 'shortened plates'? We can customise your new premium number plates by shortening them, reducing the excess unused space on either side of your registration. This provides a unique and cleaner look for your plates. We leave an 11mm gap between the edge of the plate and the characters. What are 'tinted plates'? Wanting to add an aggressive look to your vehicle? Check our tinted plates out! Delta plates can cut number plates from smoked acrylic sheets, we do not use cheap films to ‘tint’ plates! We only do the real deal. Take a look at the darkside. These are show plates only. For more information on plate variations please read our home page or contact us.
Size:  Both Short
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The Record Power Short Handle Spindle Gouges are designed for producing coves in spindles and general purpose work between centres.CH210 Short Handle Spindle Gouge has the following specification: Size: 3/8in.
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4D plates with coloured 4D base layer
Size:  16 Inch
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1574640000000,45],[1582097959571,45]],"product_title":"4D Neon Plate"}
Small self-adhesive stick on number plates to apply to your car's bodywork or any clean flat surface. This smaller plate size comes in 330mm x 111mm which is the same height as a standard plate, Perfect for 5 character registrations often seen on high-end sports cars. Pressure-sensitive adhesive material for easy application and no mess left behind when it comes to removal, We also use a UV protective laminate to stop fading and stone chips. For bespoke sizes, we have available a custom product you can choose the size required. Please space your registration as you would like it to appear on your number plate in the text box. If you're looking for fancy number plates with more options please use our custom number plate builder.
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Now in the green and silver livery of this premium machine and features a five year guarantee. Adjustable tool rests compliment two kinds of grind stone, a 25mm wide coarse grey wheel and a 40mm wide whitestone with a fine grit for those delicate applications. This compact 200mm bench grinder includes a strong yet quiet 500 watt induction motor to ensure smooth running and optimal performance.
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566200359577,99.95],[1577836800000,98.5],[1582097959577,98.5]],"product_title":"Record Power RPBG8 8in Bench Grinder 240v"}
Currently our most popular Style of letter, if your'e looking for something fresh, sharp, eye catching and super glossy these lazer cut acrylic letters may be just what your'e looking for. Likewise to our Krystal/gel letters these again are 100% UK road legal + MOT friendly. All of our Lazer plates come with a 3 year warranty as the materials we source are only from current leading UK manufacturers All orders include both Front + Back registration plates as a complete set
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Panduit IAPN Series, Face Plate Length: 177.8mm. Width: 26.6mm. Depth: 185mm. MPN: IAPNWH - adult
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Whether you're looking to improve muscle strength or simply increase your balance, enhance your fitness regime with low-stress exercise from the Power Plate My5 Vibration Plate. Ergonomically designed for your home or in a private gym setting, its sleek design, user-friendly settings and remote control are all created with convenience in mind, catering to everyone from fitness novices, to gym veterans, to those recovering from injury. Its effectiveness has been proven in dozens of medical and scientific studies as well as clinical rehabilitation, wellness facilities and sports performance centres. Power Plate's patented Precision Wave Technology is engineered to activate the body's natural reflexive response to precision vibration, engaging the muscles in a consistent and controlled manner that results in accelerated training benefits. The simple menu structure and Quick Start programmes offer easy starting options, with the customisable frequency between 30-40Hz giving you the freedom to explore more exercise options and maximise muscle response. Thanks to its DualSync Twin Motor System, precise balance is maintained at any level, with the time and frequency remaining within easy reach, even when you're performing exercises whilst sitting or lying down. Using the my5 for whole body acceleration training, you can experience a host of benefits including improved blood circulation, increased muscle strength, bone mineral density, flexibility, motion and faster recovery. Key advantages: User-friendly interactive display Specialised PrecisionWave Technology provides enhanced performance for amplified results Variable 30-40Hz frequency that you can tailor to your regime Hand straps, rubber mat set and remote control all included for ease of use Proven to increase blood flow, metabolic rate and improve balance Safety Warning: Before starting a new exercise programme we recommend you consult your doctor or other professional medical adviser. - Black
Colour:  Black
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566200359585,3095],[1582097959585,3095]],"product_title":"Power Plate My5 Vibration Plate, Black Black"}
The Record Power BS300E bandsaw is a great all rounder perfectly specified for the medium sized workshop where a range of duties will be required. The choice of the serious hobbyist and an ideal bandsaw for the woodturner where the capacity to cut branchwood and rip deeper sections will be much appreciated.Features a solid fence, vital for accurate ripping, which has a heavy extrusion mounted on a cast iron base and fixed to a solid steel bar for maximum rigidity and support. This fence is based on an industrial Startrite design and much more solid than other fences at this level. The machine also features a solid double trunnion fence mount to provide rigid table support and one-handed table tilt on a smooth rack and pinion. Reflecting the structural integrity of the BS300E are the cast iron bandwheels which are fitted with precision ground rubber tyres to provide a flywheel effect for smooth cutting. A solid blade tension indicator is fitted to the rear of the machine to allow for easy setup. The BS300E is also supplied with a basic wheelkit as standard.FeaturesBlade Tension IndicatorIndustrial Style FenceLarge Cast Iron TableTwo-Speed DriveCast Iron Band WheelsTracking SystemToolpost SupportAccurate and Easy to Use Blade GuidesTable Trunnion-Mounted for Easy Angle AdjustmentStandard Wheel KitMitre Fence IncludedBandsaw Masterclass DVD IncludedSpecifications:Maximum Depth of Cut: 190 mm (7.1/2 inch)Throat Depth (maximum cutting width to left of blade): 305 mm (12 inch)Table Size: 480 x 400 mmTable Height from Floor: 990 mm (40 inch)Motor Input Power: 1 kWMotor Output Power: 0.75 kWBlade Length: 93 1/4"Blade Width Capacity: 1/4 - 3/4"Blade Speed: 820 & 380 M / minuteExtraction Port Diameter: 100 mmOptional FitmentsPedal Wheel Kit
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1578614400000,599.99],[1582097959587,599.99]],"product_title":"Record Power Bandsaw 190 mm cut depth; 305 mm throat, 1HP"}
Buy Cross Record at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. Cross Record
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A pack of 50 or 100 standard UK number plate reflectives, either front or rear. These reflectives are pre-printed with your legal text in the centre at the bottom, and the BSAU standard on the right hand side. These meet all standards for reflective levels and suitability for UK roads. Measuring 520mm by 111mm.
Colour:  Yellow/Rear
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Sealey Face Plate Ø112mm - Sealey SM2503FP One of a comprehensive range of high quality accessories for Model No. SM2503 mini lathe/drilling machine. Model No SM2503FP Nett Weight: 0.88Kg Description: Face Plate Ø112mm Application(s): Lathe/Mill/Drill SM2503: Yes Lathe SM3002: - Sealey SM2503FP Face Plate Ø112mm
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566200359593,53.34],[1578873600000,57],[1582097959593,57]],"product_title":"Sealey SM2503FP Face Plate Ø112mm"}
Buy Record Kicks 15th: The Explosive Sound Of Today s Scene at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. Record Kicks 15th: The Explosive Sound Of Today's Scene
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Extend the placement of a 4-pin computer fan by up to 12in
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566200359599,2.42],[1579824000000,2.52],[1582097959599,2.52]],"product_title":"12-inch 4-Pin Fan Power Extension Cable"}
Buy Faces at Juno Records. In stock now for same day shipping. Faces
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I've made you a Mixtape- AS SEEN ON THE TODAY SHOW - Australia Share photos, videos and memories, with this perfect gift in a classic retro style. Once the highest of all loving gestures, the Mixtape is now, in the 21st century, grossly impractical. And what a loss this is! As a personal, thoughtful gift that proved the giver had put in a huge amount of effort, was it not the perfect present for a loved one? Fortunately, Blank Record has designed a unique and innovative solution that combines the digital and the physical. The USB Mixtape allows you to store up to 4GB/8GB/16GB of an unlimited range of files for you to present to your loved one as a thoughtful gift with a novel and fun design. For example, celebrate your best friend’s birthday by giving them a compilation of photos and videos that showcases their life so far. For newlyweds, look back at the memories that define your relationship, from the first date all the way to your honeymoon. And don’t feel you have to stop there. Eternalise the past by scanning in old photos or handwritten love notes, add those funny text messages with phone screenshots and edits.… Possibilities are endless Each tape label can be personalised with your own message and design. For example; "DJ Sam's Mixes", "I Love you Hazel" or "Our Wedding Memories" etc I’ve Made You A Mixtape: Personal and personalised, it’s a very special gift for that very special someone. ---------------------------------------------------- Finish Options - 4GB/8GB/16GB USB Mixtape + Giftbox (Label design & text shown in image) - 4GB/8GB/16GB Personalised Mixtape + Giftbox- (Personalised the cassette sticker with your own message) For personalised labels, please write your message in the buyers notes when you come to purchase your item. ---------------------------------------------------- Shipping from the United Kingdom. United Kingdom: Estimated 1-2 working days. Europe: Estimated 3-5 working days. United States and Canada: Estimated 5-7 working days. Australia: Estimated 5-10 working days. Everywhere else: Estimated 5-10 working days. A tracking number and signature will be provided if two or more mixtapes are purchased. ---------------------------------------------------- Thank you for your interest and don't forget to favourite us for our latest shop updates. BlankRecord ™ Copyright 201 9 - All Rights Reserved ©
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Fix Those New Plate Mod's With Confidence, Our Recommended Premium Quality 'Autoprint' Pads Will Do The Trick! Manufactured by Autoprint, these are designed specifically for use on number plates as they are strong and durable,  Instant adhesion is achieved when fitting to a clean, dry surface. These adhesive pads are classified as Very High Bond(VHB) and for this reason we recommend this particular brand to anyone purchasing our number plates. We recommend using x4 pads for one Number Plate or x8 for two(Front and Rear), and the choice of quantity needed can be chosen above. Each pad measures 95mm x 25mm x 1mm (LxWxD). Weather resistant, they are made using a permanent solvent based adhesive They are pre-cut for easy use... NOTE: Be sure to throughly degrease and clean the surfaces to be bonded prior to application of these pads
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1574640000000,5.99],[1579478400000,6.99],[1582097959606,6.99]],"product_title":"Number Plate Double Sided Adhesive Pads - Autoprint VHB(Very High Bond)"}
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