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This alarm presentation set contains two remote alarms and a wireless bite alarm receiver, plus two bright purple bite indicators. The KBI alarms are compact, rugged and reliable. Featuring a sensitive roller wheel and a bright LED, its a fantastic choice for all forms of specimen angling. The speaker features adjustable volume, while the LED boasts a 10 second alert feature. The receiver boasts a long wireless range, on/off switch and volume control. When used in conjunction with the alarm heads, its a top-quality combination thats not going to let you down. FEATURES Includes 2 x bright purple bite indicators Adjustable volume Vibrating function on receiver 5mm LED Compact design 10 second latching LED Adjustable locking nut and compression washer Water guarded speaker High output speaker Sensitive bite indication Battery powered by a 9V battery (not included) Receiver powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
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Carrying up to five rods or net handles, this will carry a humungous amount of gear in utmost security and protection thanks to its heavily padded construction. Built for the enormous number of anglers who do not carry their rods made up, but who are looking for the protection of a padded case. Features Carries up to five rods. Also suitable for poles. Padded protection to keep rods safe Internal quiver tip pocket External pockets for umbrella / landing net and banksticks Adjustable padded shoulder strap and carry handle Dimensions Width: 40cm Depth: 35cm Height: 190cm
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Korum Zelos 6000 Mini Pit Reel in stock & Free Delivery, The Zelos 6000 is the ultimate wide arbour reel for a multitude of modern coarse fishing techniques. The Zelos is also our first reel to feature our K-Fold alu
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Designed to cope with many angling situations, these are very versatile and ultra-smooth when playing fish. Allows you to have plenty of line options in your setup. - 4000
Size:  4000
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The catapult that never tangles! Utilising our unique PTFE bush system, it means your catapult elastic will not twist up on itself, stopping it tangling around the frame. Comes complete with ergonomic, super strong handle and a large moulded pouch, perfect when baiting with larger quantities of bait.
Size:  Medium
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Korum Transition Roll-A-Mat - Korum Transition Roll-A-Mat Featuring our unique new Transition Clip, this Roll-A-Mat can be clipped to Korum Transition bags at the click of a switch. Fully padded and using heavy duty waterproof material, it’s a fantastic compact fishcare solution. • Features the new Transition Clip for attaching to Korum bags • Also has two D Loop attachments if you prefer carabiner attachments • Made from heav
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Perfect for use with lighter specimen and quiver rods, these are very powerful due to a compact body and super tough gearing. When targeting hard battling coarse species, the fluid rotation of the rotor, together with the large diameter bail wire, provides great balance and stability. Features Easily adjustable freespool mode Large diameter aluminium bail wire Twin colour anodised aluminium spool with machine cut detail Titanium coated line roller CNC machined aluminium handle with soft touch knob 5+1 carbon steel ball bearings 5.1:1 gear ratio for optimum line lay Spare spools are ava - 3500
Size:  3500
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JRC Radar CX Alarm Set in stock & Free Delivery, The New Radar CX Alarm is a mid price buzzer that sports all the attributes of a much higher priced system. Not many alarms can boast that they are Designed, Engineere
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Probably the ultimate creation for the modern day commercial fishery angler. Super lightweight thanks to its ultra slim, high modulus carbon blank, they make use of a two-piece construction for greater strength which also allow it to be easily transported both to and from the bank in a holdall/sleeve saving important time during a match fishing situation. The sublime through actions provide more than enough back bone to land the 100lb plus weights regularly needed in today’s matches, whilst the shorter models assist casting accuracy and speed up the netting of match-winning fish. These utilise ultra slim profile blanks throughout the range. Combine the beautiful action created by these brand new, high modulus blanks with the stunning cosmetics and SiC guides, and you have a range that is worthy of serious consideration. Features EVA twist grip Top quality full cork handle High quality lined guides Quality graphite screw reel fitting Folding hook keeper ring Supplied in a quality rod bag Specification Length: 10ft - Casting Weight: 20-30g – Weight: 121g – Line Rating: 3-8lb - Sections: 2 - Type: Commercial Mini Float Length: 11ft - Casting Weight: 20-30g – Weight: 136g – Line Rating: 3-8lb - Sections: 2 - Type: Commercial Pellet Length: 12ft - Casting Weight: 25g – Weight: 150g – Line Rating: 3-8lb - Sections: 2 - Type: Commercial Pellet - 10ft
Size:  10ft
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Perfect for all kinds of fishing, these are extra-strong and feature a beaked point. Features Our strongest hook yet, thanks to the heavier gauge wire and short shank Chemically sharpened, in-turned point keeps its sharpness longer 12° Down-turned eye ensures hook flip in the fish’s mouth Wide gape for maximum hooking potential when using hair rigs Perfect for hair rigs, particularly with bottom baits Non-glare low visibility finish - Size 6
Size:  Size 6
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566680762159,1.55],[1582578362159,1.55]],"product_title":"Korum Xpert Power Hooks (Barbed - Size 6)"}
Fox R Series 12ft 2 Rod Sleeve New for the 2018 / 2019 season is the R Series range of luggage from Fox International. This range of luggage is in our opinion, great value with the classic look. The holdall will fit two 12ft rods (with 50mm butt eyes) complete with reels securely held together with the 10mm zip for durability and secure closure. New Hardwearing and water resistant 400 denier treated polyester fabric Will house two rods with reels on Designed to fit rods with 50mm butt rings and bit pit reels Ideal for anglers who only use two rods Perfect for storing spod and marker rods External pocket for landing net storage Reversible, padded shoulder strap Heavy duty double 10mm zips ensure complete reliability 10ft and 12ft models available Main outer fabric 100% Polyester, Padding/Filling 40% Polyurethane/ 60% Polyethylene , Lining 100% Polyester 12ft: 192cm x 34cm x 26cm
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Korum CS Series Hooks to Nylon are the perfect rigs for today’s commercial fisheries. 20inch line length. The Meat/Paste hook is the ultimate margin hook and great for big baits like luncheon meat and paste because of its ultra-wide gape.
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Korum Xpert Micro Barbless Hooks Power Specimen or Specialist
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Relay mountbase Mains Smoke&Heat alarms Piezo Alarm: Yes. MPN: FH500R, FireHawk Safety Products - adult
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The FireAngel W1-R series of alarms are available as either a heat or optical smoke alarm, both of which are mains powered with a replaceable 9V back-up battery. Both alarms feature a large, central silence button which also acts as a test button the SW1-R optical smoke alarm while the HW1-R heat alarm has a separate button for testing. Up to 12 W1-R and W1-PF series alarms can be interlinked together via a dedicated cable, including the CW1-PF-T mains powered carbon monoxide alarm, to provide full coverage and reliable warning of possible danger throughout the premises. These alarms also feature a 'safety clip' which prevents them from being installed without a battery, to ensure there is a back-up in case of a mains power failure. Power: 230V mains powered with battery back-up. Backup Battery: 9V alkaline battery (included). Warranty: 5 year warranty. Available in Optical Smoke and Heat detector versions. SW1-R Optical Smoke Alarm: ideal for hallways, landings, bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. HW1-R Heat Alarm: ideal for kitchens, attics, and garages. Up to 12 alarms can be hard-wire interlinked within a single system. Easily perform weekly tests at the push of a button. Uses the latest detection technologies to reduce nuisance alarms. Can also be interlinked with the CW1-PF-T mains powered carbon monoxide alarm. Integrated 'safety clip' feature prevents them from being fitted without a battery. Large silence button central to the alarm. Suitable for BS 5839-6: 2019 Grade D2 installations. Kitemarked to BS EN 14604 (optical smoke) and BS EN 5446-2 (heat). Alarms sold separately. snippet FAW1COMPAT.content.
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OE First Line Tie Rod Axle Joint RACK END L/R FTR5059 - Single First Line offers a premium quality range of Steering and Suspension components that are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards. By using First Line you are guaranteed a quality product sourced from ISO accredited production facilities, coupled with a total commitment to optimum performance and safety providing a comparable alternative to OE and other top tier suppliers. The extensive range of over 8,000 references includes Suspension Arms, Tie Rod Ends, Axial Joints, Stabiliser Links (including Heavy Duty), Top Strut Mounts and Strut Protection, King Pins, Engine Mountings and a wide variety of Bushes. Ball Joints, Link Bars and Suspension Arms in the First Line range, where applicable, come with the necessary fitting components as standard to ensure a hassle free installation. First Line is committed to match OE quality. Therefore, when vehicle manufacturers use new technologies, such as Hydraulic Bushes and Hybrid Link Bars, the First Line reference will follow the same OE specification. Tie rods by First Line PRODUCT SPECIFIC INFO:Product type : Tie Rod Axle Joint RACK END L/R If you are unsure as to whether this is the correct part for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us. Alternatively please use the cross reference table above.
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Hit new distances like never before! Ideal for commercial and large wild waters to cover virtually everything you throw at it. Created in conjunction with Steve Ringer, there are four individual designs in the range; 11’6”, 12’6”, 13’6” and 14’2”. Casting weights range from 60g up to 120g, ensuring ideal use with sizeable payloads. The quartet all share in a high grade construction of HVF nanoplus and feature long distance carbon quiver tips. All offer a three section assembly and are supplied in a padded ready rod sleeve suitable for bigger reels. Features: HVF NANOPLUS Carbon V-JOINT Carbon Technology Stainless steel frame guides with lightweight LS rings Cork Armlock handle with EVA rear grip EVA fore grip Down locking Fuji DPS reel seat Hook keeper Supplied with three long distance quiver tips Supplied in padded rod case suitable for larger reels Specification: Length: 11'6" – Weight: 234g/8.3oz – Action: Medium – Casting Weight: 60g – Sections: 3 – Tips: 3 (1.5oz, 2oz, 3oz) Length: 12'6" – Weight: 258g/9.1oz – Action: Medium Heavy – Casting Weight: 80g – Sections: 3 – Tips: 3 (1.5oz, 2oz, 3oz) Length: 13'6" – Weight: 286g/10.1oz – Action: Heavy – Casting Weight: 100g – Sections: 3 – Tips: 3 (2oz, 3oz, 5oz) Length: 14'2" – Casting Weight: 314g11.1oz – Action: Extra Heavy – Casting Weight: 120g – Sections: 3 – Tips: 3 (2oz, 3oz, 5oz) - 14ft 2in
Size:  14ft 2in
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566680762176,174.99],[1577664000000,176.99],[1582578362176,176.99]],"product_title":"Daiwa Castizm Feeder Rods (14Ft 2In)"}
Up to 30T Carbon blank constructions Braid resistant guides Saltwater resistant components Modern look and feel - 4.2m
Size:  4.2m
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Featuring a high modulus slim carbon blank with a full shrink rubber handle. Their specialised team of experienced engineers and advisors have established a series of brilliant blanks that will catch the eye of almost all seasoned carp anglers. It features a semi-parabolic action that makes them the perfect all-rounder! Features Slim high modulus 30T carbon natural carbon blank Contrasting black whippings Semi-parabolic action Secure 20mm DPS reel seat Braid resistant SIC guides (5+1) Full duplon handle with a stylish artwork window Black anodized metal parts Specification Blank Material: Carbon Composite Hook Keeper: Yes Gimbal: Yes Guides Including Tip: 6 Guide Type: LTS Butt: Metal Model: 10ft – 3.00lb (Short Range): Power Rating: 3.00lb Length: 10ft / 3.0m Pieces: 2 Action: MR Ring Pattern: 10-10-12-16-20-25-40 Model: 12ft – 2.75lb: Power Rating: 2.75lb Length: 12ft / 3.6m Pieces: 2 Ring Pattern: 12-12-16-20-25-40 Model: 12ft – 3.00lb: Power Rating: 3.00lb Length: 12ft / 3.6m Pieces: 2 Ring Pattern: 12-16-20-25-30-40 Model: 12ft – 3.00lb (50mm butt guide): Power Rating: 3.00lb Length: 12ft / 3.6m Pieces: 2 Ring Pattern: 16-16-20-30-40-50 - 12ft - 2.7
Size:  12ft - 2.7
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566680762181,52.99],[1581292800000,59.99],[1582578362181,59.99]],"product_title":"JRC Cocoon 2G Carp Rods (12Ft - 2.75Lb)"}
For modern coarse fishing that demands a certain style, whether stalking, roving and hunting for target fish, you need something that is more than up to the task! These are both super slim, lightweight and compact featuring PacBay Minima guides, which are robust and ceramic free, to offer crisper actions and greater longevity when tackling overgrown fishing spots. From chasing bigger river species to stalking carp, these can be used for multiple applications. The 10ft, 2.5lb model is ideal for floater fishing in the summer months or hunting predators in deep winter. Barbels, pike, carp and eels have all fallen during testing. Alternatively, the shorter 8ft, 2lb version is highly suited to fishing tight spots or snaggy situations. It also packs down neatly allowing roving anglers to move around quickly and freely. It certainly feels at home on rivers and stillwaters. Features Super slim profile Very lightweight PacBay Minima guides Ceramic-free Includes compact carry strap 2-sections
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566680762184,44.99],[1574035200000,44.79],[1574121600000,44.99],[1574553600000,44.79],[1574899200000,44.8],[1575072000000,44.79],[1575504000000,44.8],[1575590400000,44.79],[1575676800000,44.8],[1575763200000,44.79],[1575849600000,44.8],[1576022400000,44.79],[1576108800000,44.8],[1576195200000,44.99],[1582578362184,44.99]],"product_title":"Korum Opportunist 8ft 2lb Two Piece"}
These Howler site alarms are highly visible units that highlight where users can activate an alarm in the event of a fire. The loud 118dB siren provides warning to all users that evacuation procedures must be carried out. The tough ABS casing and secure fastenings reduce the risk of vandalism. These units are ideal for many applications such as warehouses, construction sites and any large open areas. Completely self-contained alarm unit. 9V PP9 battery. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Sounds with a 118db siren. Durable polypropylene casing. 2 year warranty. Easy installation. IP65 rated switches (not including call point version). Available in four different versions. HO1 - Simple push on/push off switch for easy operation. Fitted with a 22mm diameter switch. HO2 - Push on/ Twist off switch with a 50mm diameter switch. HOCP - Incorporates a resettable conventional call point switch prevents unauthorised silencing of the alarm.
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566680762188,101.99],[1582578362188,101.99]],"product_title":"Howler Standard Site Alarms HO2 - Push on/Twist off switch"}
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