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Genuine AEG 3871425124 Fan Oven Element B6871-4-A R07,B6871-4-D 1900W 3871425124 Metal AEG B6871-4-A R07,B6871-4-D New Genuine replacement fan heater element for your oven. This can fit ovens sold by different manufacturers and brands. Also Known As: Circular Element, Round Element 2 Turn Wattage : 1900 Watts Replaces : 3192085128 Dimensions : Height: 225mm Width: 205mm Bracket: 70mm Tags: 25mm This product is manufactured and designed to be compatible or used with appliances of the brand or manufacturer listed above, or for selected commercial/domestic applications. Product Classification This is a genuine original product made and supplied by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). in order to maintain a valid warranty it is recommended to always use genuine original products. Genuine original products are specifically manufactured to increase the performance, functionality and life-span of your machine. Check the size of the element before ordering it. Note that these measurements are approximate. 1