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With an energy consumption of only 310 kWh/year (Energy test Ecodesign) the SUPERIOR PLUS 72 refrigerator already now ranks in energy class A according to new EU legislation that is expected to be introduced 1st July 2016. SUPERIOR PLUS K 72 is also expected to rank in energy class A+, an energy class that will be introduced 1st January 2018 according to the above mentioned draft for energy labelling legislation. The controls are concealed behind the top panel, protected against splashing water. Design principle of "no broken surfaces" makes the cabinets easy to clean. The distinctive aluminum profiles stretching from top to bottom on both sides of the cabinet impart strength and enhance appearance. The modular rails can go directly in the dishwasher. Pedal opener with finesse - read more in the brochure. SUPERIOR PLUS is suitable for the deep 2/1 GN system where 2 pcs. 1/1 GN pans can be placed after each other directly on the support rails. Temperature range +2 / +12°C Volume, net/gross 536 ltr. / 610 Itr. Net usable volume 458 ltr. Exterior - Stainless, Vario Silver, White or Black Interior - Stainless or Stainless, Aluminium Refrigerant / GWP - R 600a (isobutane) /3 Ref.capacity at -10° - 377 Watt Connection 230V 50 Hz Connection load 181 Watt Energy Efficiency Class - A Energy consumption / year (AEC) 310 kWh
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