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Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult Light is a complete dry food to help cats maintain an ideal weight. How it works Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult Light is formulated specifically for cats that are prone to putting on weight. It provides your pet with a balance of nutrients and vitamins to keep them healthy. This dry mix has a high fibre content to help control hunger between meals. This will stop your cat hunting for food or stealing food after they've been fed. It contains 20% less calories and 55% less fat than regular cat food, making it ideal for pets who are on a strict, controlled diet. Antioxidants and added vitamin E and vitamin C help to fight free radicals in your cat's body, helping to ward off illness. They also assist in the preservation of healthy kidneys. Added L-carnitine helps your cat turn fat into energy, so this is perfect for pets that aren't very active or have mobility issues. Key benefits complete dry food to control your cat's weight contains 20% less calories and 55% less fat than regular cat food high in fibre to stop your cat looking for snacks vitamin C and vitamin E preserve kidney health antioxidants ward off illness L-carnitine helps turn fat into energy. When to use it If your cat is overweight it could be causing them serious health issues. Being overweight is bad for your pet's heart and puts extra pressure on their joints, which can lead to mobility issues. Hill's Science Plan is designed to replace your cat's regular food to help them lose weight and maintain their healthy weight once it's been reached. You can help your cat lose some weight by encouraging them to be more active. Invest in some new toys and give them a vigorous workout regularly. If you have an outdoor cat, encourage them to be outside more. - pieces x 1.5kg - Chicken
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