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Set of 6 bridge pins for acoustic guitar. For 6 string acoustic guitars 33mm total length 7mm top
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The Guitar Gear BR404CR is a chrome adjustable fixed bridge for Tele style electric guitars. This item has 3 intonation adjustable vintage saddles on an ashtray style plate. It comes complete with mounting screws and an allen key. For 6 string Tele style electric guitars Ashtray style plate 3 vintage saddles 54mm E-E string spacing Angeled pickup slot 4 screw mounting Holes for either through bridge or through body strings Chrome Finish
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Planet Waves Injection Molded Bridge and End Pins have a Black finish, and are constructed from high quality ABS thermoplastic and can replace the existing end pins on any guitar.
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A perfect replacement for your lost or worn bridge pins.
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Single Plastic Bridge Pin - Price Per Pin
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This 4/4 size Deluxe Classical Guitar by Gear4music is ideal for the learning guitarist building in confidence, with reduced dimensions and quality craftsmanship creating an instrument that rewards its player with superior tones and playability.
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Pulling bridge pins just got a whole lot easier, safer and more fun! Music Nomad's patent pending GRIP Puller's innovative design allows you to easily pull bridge pins. Simply slide under the pin to GRIP and pull straight up. Alternately, use a rocking motion to roll back and lift the pin. It’s that easy. The ergonomic, rubber lined comfort grip design has no moving parts and is a one-handed operation. Key Features Premium, Innovative Bridge Pin Puller for Acoustic Guitars GRIP 'n Pull or GRIP 'n Roll to Easily Lift Pin Ergonomic, Comfort Design for a One-Handed Operation Metal Free Construction with Rubber Exterior Makes it Safe on Your Wood and Bridge Pins
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Specification The Seth Lover bridge model gives you that warm airy, open tone by striking just the right balance of low end warmth with a smooth but articulate top end. The alnico 2 bar magnet helps to sweeten the high end response, while the vintage output coils bring out this pickups rich harmonic content. Chords will have a full, open sound, and single notes will have a soft, yet articulate feel. The un-potted nickel silver cover gives the tone an almost piano like percussive quality. Pair with the Seth lover neck model for the perfect PAF setup. Each Seth Lover Model humbucker is hand built in Santa Barbara the way Seth Lover designed them. The mold we use for our butyrate bobbins was created by the same factory that built theoriginalPAF mold for Gibson. Other key features include our specially manufactured 42AWG plain enamel mag wire, nickel silver cover, 2.5-inch alnico 2 bar magnet, custom machined metal and maple spacers, single conductor push-back braided lead wire, and nickel silver bottom plate.We wind every Seth Lover humbucker on Seymour’s original Leesona winding machine from the early Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, MI., for that unmistakable vintage tone and feel. OUTPUT DCR:8.3 MAGNET:ALNICO 2 CABLE:1C BRAIDED SHIELD
{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1578960000000,115],[1582637385678,115]],"product_title":"Seymour Duncan Sh-55b Nickel Seth Lover Bridge Position"}
White ABS collared & fluted pins with 5° taper Sold as a set of 6
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features: small and exquisite appearance, it is convenient to carry. with high quality abs & nylon material, excellent durability. matched with a classical guitar bone nut, a classical guitar bony saddle, and 6 pieces of bridge pins. light weight, it is easy to use. it is suitable for folk guitar. specifications: color: white material: abs & nylon weight: 8g bridge pins quantity: 6 pieces guitar bone nut size: 43 * 6.3 * 8/8.4mm guitar bony saddle size: 72 * 3.0 * 7/9.2mm package including: 1 * classical guitar bone nut 1 * classical guitar bony saddle 6 * bridge pins
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566777600000,2.78],[1566864000000,2.78],[1582637385685,2.78]],"product_title":"Serui A Set of White Folk Guitar Bone Bridge Pins Saddle Nut"}
Description: - 1 set guitar bridge clamp repair tools for different kinds of bridges with 6pcs bridge pins. - Guitar bridge replace and install tools, guitars repair maintenance kits. - 2 threaded outboard holes, easy to install and operate. - The extra cork gasket allow for and easy attachment. - The inboard slots are long 14mm to 62mm, which also improves the flexibility of the clamp. Size Chart: Bridge Pin: Approx. 40 x 20 x 10mm / 1.57 x 0.79 x 0.39inch Bridge Clamp: Approx. 37 x 153 x 24mm/1.45 x 6.02 x 0.94inch Package Includes: 1 Set Guitar Bridge Clamp 1 Set Guitar String Pegs(6 Pieces)
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This Acoustic Guitar Pack by Gear4music is an excellent introduction to the instrument. In this great value beginners pack you get a gig bag, headstock tuner and spare string set - everything you need to start your songwriting career!
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The Electro Acoustic Fretless Bass Guitar by Gear4music is the ideal instrument for any unplugged bassist. With a spruce top, poplar fingerboard and bridge and sapele back, the Gear4music fretless acoustic bass features a resonant body that produces a quality bass tone. The design of this bass guitar, with its loud resonant body, quality components and amplified, three band EQ capability, makes it perfect for live playing and busking.
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Item 100% like the picture shown Portable and easy use. Material:plastic material. Nut size:43*6*8.8 Saddle size:72*3*9mm Package Includes: 2*piece nut 2*piece saddle 12*pieces Pins
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A 34" Classical Guitar, ergonomically designed for the younger player. In this excellent value pack you are equipped with everything you need to play, with a gig bag, spare string set and headstock tuner included. This is an amazing pack that will ensure great quality can be enjoyed at a reasonable price
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The Planet Waves End Pins are made from solid brass and will fit as a direct replacement on most guitars and hold any standard strap. Made from solid brass stock Fits all standard straps Direct replacement on most instruments Accentuates the aesthetics of any instrument while securely holding the strap Includes two endpins and mounting screws
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Electro Acoustic Bass Guitar by Gear4music, Left Handed is the perfect instrument for any bassist looking for an attractive acoustic bass guitar. With a spruce top, sapele body and poplar fingerboard and bridge; the AB-100NTLH's resonant body produces a quality bass tone perfect for practise and unplugged gigs. The design of this bass guitar, with its quality components, authentic sound and the option to plug into an amp, make it perfect for live performances and recording.
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Get the acoustic sound. For beginners and experienced players alike. Combining versatility, style and value, the Folk Acoustic Guitar by Gear4music represents reliability at an unmatched low cost. With a great acoustic sound, you get an excellent beginner's guitar or second instrument for an electric player. Complete with the acoustic guitar accessory pack containing a gig bag, guitar stand, strings, guitar strap, capo, slide, picks, tuner, string winder and polishing cloth. The perfect gift for any guitarist, available exclusively from Gear4music.
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Vintage tone to make your lead lines sing. The Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special Bridge Humbucker will bring '70s-style rock tones to your playing. But with a huge range and 21st century clarity. You can enjoy big, fat sound in your riffs - it'll make your guitar feel as though its signal is coming straight from a late '70s rock band.Those classic tones have been infused with modern sonic enhancements that you could only get in the 21st century. The Saturday Night Special has got incredible range - Alnico 4 magnets make the humbucker supremely well-balanced, delivering sharp, crystal-clear tones at any frequency. And they'll make every note bite, without suffering from the compression you usually get with high-gain pickups. Infuse your sound with aggression and clarity.
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{"currency":"GBP","merchant_key":"","prices":[[1566739785711,163.95],[1567209600000,142],[1582637385711,142]],"product_title":"Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special Bridge Humbucker, Gold"}
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