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Support your cat's early days as a nursing mum with Royal Canin Mother & Babycat food. What it's for Thanks to its unique mix of antioxidants, vitamins and prebiotics, this food boosts both mum and kittens' immune system and digestive health in their early days and weeks. It provides your cat with all the vitamins and minerals she needs while nursing and can be used to supplement your new kittens' milk diet. Kittens receive plenty of nourishment from their mother's milk, including vitamins to help develop their natural defences and fatty acids to boost brain development. This food is designed to be used during the weaning process, when they're transitioning to solid food. The mini kibble can be easily rehydrated, so it's easy on their teeth and their developing digestive systems. Key benefits made with vitamins A and D3 to help boost brain development prebiotics and antioxidants for the overall health of mother and kittens a special easy-wean formula to support nursing mothers a delicious and complete feed for both mothers and kittens How it works Nursing can be physically demanding for mother cats, so they need a balanced food to keep their energy levels up. As for kittens, their natural immune defences (provided by their mother's milk) start to wear off by 12 weeks, so it's vital that you get them onto a nutrient-rich diet too, so they can continue to grow and develop. Mother & Babycat provides a boost of nutrients, minerals and probiotics to support a robust immune system, as well as vitamins A and D3 to encourage brain development. It's the perfect transition from milk to solid foods. If your cat is pregnant or has recently given birth, it's always best to consult your vet before making any major changes to her diet. - pieces x 2kg
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