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Release Date: 2011-06-20, Audio CD, Hassle Records
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The EK-226P is a Professional Laser cross & squaring instrument for the Internal Trades, with extra outdoor capability when matched to an optional detector. It has all the features of the LP412 but with a number of refinements: namely, a better range both with and without the detector and double the operating time. It is well- engineered with a smooth action, metal rotate base and fine adjustment screw. The horizontal & vertical lines of the Cross and the extra vertical line set at right angles, can ALL be switched ON/OFF either independently or used together. There is no need to buy a second instrument to set floor & ceiling squaring at 90 degrees. The EK-226P covers these operations too. Simply place the laser level on the floor, switch on both vertical beams & it will lay down two red lines at accurate right angles. A "downred dot" gives the intersection point. Ideal for floor tiling, setting-out of stud walls, partitioning and machinery alignment etc. No bubble levels are used as it aligns via an automatic, damped gravity system. A transit latch is included for safety which physically locks the mechanism & isolates the power too. If the instrument detects any inaccuracy, it will automatically switch off the lasers - restoring them again when back in range. So no false levels can be given.
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Following on after the incredibly popular LP330 kit, Laser Levels Online are pleased to introduce this new model with better accuracy & a more robust construction. The LP412 Laser Cross & Line level has all the features of the LP330 including a Squaring facility, but with a number of refinements: namely a red down dot (to check plumb), a very rigid metal rotate base with fine adjustment screw & 5/8" tripod thread, convenient carry handle & improved accuracy. All the laser lines are of course, auto (self) levelling. In addition, the LP412 has a "pulsed output" function, enabling it to be paired with an optional LR-60 detector to increase its range to 40m.
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New to our range is the Fukuda GREEN beam Multi-Line laser level with brighter line visibility and included FD-9G Detector for Outdoor use. The FLG-411QGD Laser Cross & Line level is an intensely bright, GREEN beam instrument with one horizontal & FOUR vertical lines set at 90 degrees to each other. All are auto (self) levelling. When we say "intense" we mean it! If you want bright beams then this is the laser to go for. A red down dot enables the User to set plumb between the ceiling green cross & setting-out dot below the instrument. Floor & ceiling squaring is easy to set by using the fine adjusting screw on the rotate base. The FLG-411QGD can be placed on any generally level, firm surface (it auto levels itself) or mounted on our many laser accessories via its base 5/8" thread. A transit latch protects the laser when moved around or transported. This latch doubles as an ON/OFF switch too and ALL the laser lines can be operated individually. There is the option to exclude the detector from the kit, if required.
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This line level is useful for setting out levels over large areas where precision is of secondary importance (e.g. landscape gardening). Includes hooks for using on a line. Lightweight metal body for long life. Length: 80mm.
The Moore & Wright Engineer's Levels have a precision ground cast base with a V-groove for location on cylindrical work. Each level is fitted with a main, cross and plumb vial and the main vial is protected by a rotating shroud. The solution in the vials maintains colour and fluidity under all workshop conditions and the main vial has a sensitivity of 1 minute.
10 years Guarantee Measuring accuracy - 0.5 mm/m Handle type - ergonomic, easy-grip, R-shape design
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Stanley FatMax® Digital Levels are highly accurate, measuring to the nearest 0.10 degrees at level and plumb. It has 3 vials: horizontal, vertical and the digital vial. A buzzer sounds at 0°, 45° and 90°. The LCD screen features 180° readout, where the display flips in the upside down position to enable easier reading. The level has a recalibration function, allowing a 'false zero', a hold function and a mode function. It is able to measure in degrees (°), percentage (%) and mm/m. It has 2 milled surfaces and a magnetic base. Supplied with a water-resistant bag. Accuracy: Level and plumb: ±0.05.Other angles: ±0.10.
The Stanley Line Level from Stanley.This line level is useful for setting out levels over large areas where precision is of secondary importance (e.g. landscape gardening).Includes hooks for using on a line.Lightweight metal body for long life.Length: 80mm - 0.01kg
Stanley 998390 Classic 3 Piece Level pack - Lets get things straight! This handy collection of Stanley spirit levels contains: 1 x 600mm / 2ft Level / 24" 1 x 1200mm / 4ft Level / 48" 1 x 1800mm / 6ft Level / 72" These levels are well made with a strong construction to help battle against the everyday demands of jobsites. Featuring moulded soft end caps to protect against impact and are accurate to within 0.5mm/m, a magnified central vial for easier reading and a large tubular side vial for vertical measurements. The vials on these levels are guaranteed against breakage and leakage for 5 years.
230mm Shockproof Magnetic Torpedo Level with aluminium plate with V-shaped metal groove to check cylindrical surfaces e.g. for use on pipes 3 x High visibility reversible vials: horizontal, vertical and 45° Rubber end caps provide extra protection in case the level is dropped.
OX Trade T500209 Level 900mm, box section levels have a lifetime vial warranty for peace of mind and shock absorbing rubber end caps for durability. 3 solid acrylic, UV resistant vials with an accuracy of 0.5mm/m or 0.0005in/in. Strong, lightweight aluminium profile, milled surface on base up to 1200mm length.
This Phone Works laser level is specially designed for turning your smartphone into a crosshair laser level.
Introducing the Vaunt range of levels. 250mm (9.84") boat level with magnetic base. Includes holster.
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Solid anodized aluminium scaffold level 250mm long with 45° and 30° angles preset for quick angle setting. High precision +/- 0.5 mm per metre accuracy. Rare earth magnetic base and machined surfaces. Open frame design, that makes handling easier.
MILWAUKEE Billet Torpedo Level 170mm with amplified rare earth magnets for maximum holding power. Maximised viewing area, easily read slope in 1/8" or 1/4" per foot in either direction. Reinforced acrylic vials offer maximum durability. Weld clearance lets you easily level over weld joints in pipes and other materials. Optimised V-groove design for stability on non-ferrous pipes. Laser etched ruled edge for quick measurements on materials. Slim, tapered design for easy sliding in and out of pockets and pouches.
The Professional Trades voted the DeWalt DW088K kit as one of the best Cross Line Lasers on the market today. Its popularity is due to its accuracy, versatility and bright, (wide fan angle) red laser beams. The instrument includes an integral Magnetic Pivot support, together with a Wall bracket which doubles as a ceiling fixers clamp bracket. You can also switch the laser beams ON/OFF independently, to save battery power. This latest model in the DeWalt laser range has thicker front glass & a more protective black rubber moulding around the laser window area for extra protection on the worksite. The DW088K also includes a full time "pulsed output" to operate a optional Detector (DE0892) - with the benefit of extending the laser's usable range to 50 metres.
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OX Trade T500206 Level 600mm, box section levels have a lifetime vial warranty for peace of mind and shock absorbing rubber end caps for durability. 3 solid acrylic, UV resistant vials with an accuracy of 0.5mm/m or 0.0005in/in. Strong, lightweight aluminium profile, milled surface on base up to 1200mm length.
Die-cast aluminum body Solid block vial provides accuracy of 0.0005in/in. (0.5mm/M) 180° rotating vial to duplicate angles Magnified centre vial for improved visibility. Pipe groove for use on rounded surfaces. Rare earth magnets for ultimate holding power. Lifetime Accuracy Warranty
The new EVO range of lightweight I Beam levels incorporates :- New low-profile solid I beam design Easy-view centre vial Composite vial covers Machined pockets for ergonomic use with 45 degree reference points Attractive durable powder coat finish to inside profile High grade alloy extrusion 300mm  = £39+vat 600mm  = £56+vat 1000mm = £66+vat 1200mm = £76+vat 1800mm = £99+vat SET = £280+vat Engraving £7.50+vat total for whole order Delivery £7+vat (Delivery £3.50+vat for 300mm EVO) The Superior Level EVO range of I beam levels are an all new addition to the existing range of Superior Levels manufactured in the UK. The level is calibrated during manufacture to achieve 0.4mm per mt or greater. The EVO level incorporates a solid lighter-weight I beam, designed with high repetition users in mind. The easy-view centre vial allows quick positive readings, whilst maintaining maximum strength and vial protection. Designed at Superior Level HQ and working in partnership with a worldwide supplier of light alloy (the base extrusion is manufactured in the UK), the EVO level incorporates feedback from a variety of construction trades and benefits from product testing in a number of workplace settings. Machined ergonomic pockets with 45 degree reference points and internal profiles that have an attractive and durable powder coated finish, complemented by grained blades with engraved branding. Extruded from light alloy 6082T6 to BS EN 755 Superior Level hand tools guarantee applies.
Size:  SET 600,1000,1200,1800mm
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Introducing the Vaunt range of levels. 1200mm (48") spirit level accuracy rated at 0.5mm/m & overhead accuracy of 0.75mm/m. UV Ray & impact resistant vials & ABS caps to protect profile ends for durability.
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