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Sometimes you just don’t have the time to wash your hair. The dry shampoo by Batiste is the ideal solution – enabling you to turn up at your next appointment smack on time with stunning and voluminous hair . Especially when the hair is unattractively greasy, you will have a caring dry shampoo at our fingertips. It fits into the handbag so that you can style your hair where and whenever you need to. The effect is simply stunning: Your hair will look fresh and exude a wonderful tropical fragrance. With the Tropical - Coconut & Exotic Spray, a pleasant coconut scent and the fragrance of exotic fruit will enclose your hair. Lets your hair look freshly styled in just a few minutes Women suffer from greasy hair at irregular intervals. Sometimes the hair can even change within a day and appear greasy. In such cases the dry shampoo Batiste will restore a fresh look. It takes only a few steps to return your hair to its former glory. Spray the Tropical - Coconut & Exotic Spray onto the roots, leave it to work its magic and then brush out thoroughly. Let the day begin ?
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