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Hill's Prescription Diet Canine z/d is a complete dog food made especially for pups with food allergies. What it's for You can easily spot if your pet is suffering from a food intolerance. If they're off their food, vomit, have diarrhoea after eating or have dry and itchy skin, it could be being caused by something in their food. Take them to the vets for a check up and diagnosis straight away. Hill's Prescription Diet z/d can be used to replace your pup's normal dog food daily. Try feeding them this dry mix for a tester period of three to eight weeks. If symptoms don't go away, ask your vet for advice. Key benefits a complete food for pups with allergies all-natural ingredients limit your dog's contact with common allergy culprits broken down protein pieces are easy to digest fatty acids for the coat and skin antioxidants to fight illnesses. How it works This dry food is made from ingredients that are gentle on your pooch's tummy. By avoiding using foodstuffs that are commonly known to irritate dogs, it helps to limit your pet's contact with foods that might disagree with them. Hill's Prescription Diet z/d uses hydrolysed pieces of chicken as its only protein source. This means that the chicken pieces are broken down into tiny chunks that your pup's immune system can't pick up on, lowering the chance of an allergic reaction. Smaller pieces are also easier for them to digest ' the simpler digestion is, the more nutrients they can absorb from their food. Essential fatty acids have been added to keep your dog's coat and skin strong and repair the damage done to irritable skin by an allergic reaction. Naturally occurring antioxidants help to fight off illnesses, keeping your pup healthy and happy. - pieces x 3kg
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