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Designed especially for small and mini adult dogs, the Purina Pro Plan dog small and mini adult with OPTIBALANCE rich in chicken dry food helps your dog get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need for a healthy and active life. What it's for Older dogs love walkies as much as younger ones, but sometimes it can be a bit harder if they've got stiff joints. Giving your pooch a balanced diet can help them stay in good health as they mature, so they'll still be able to run around the park like they used to. If you do spot that your buddy's having a bit more difficulty moving around, then have a chat with your vet to make sure it's not a sign of a joint problem. Key benefits tasty chicken flavour that your dog will gobble up especially formulated for smaller dog breeds packed full with natural ingredients high in fibre to promote good digestive health high in vitamins to aid a healthy heart. How it works As your dog gets older their dietary needs change a little as their bones and joints become weaker, their digestive system slows down and they may even suffer from a weakened heart. These Purina biscuits in chicken flavour are packed with lots of yummy and healthy ingredients to help your furry friend out as they grow older. Rice and chicory help your dog's digestive system, keeping their pooping regular. Loaded with calcium, the biscuits will strengthen your buddy's bones and joints as well as help them out with any stiffness or joint soreness they may be suffering from. Lots of vitamin C is added to help their heart keep beating strong. - pieces x 7kg
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