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DescriptionNathan Shades Shaped 4 Door SideboardRemovable shelves, soft close drawers, double width middle drawer, removable cutlery dividers.The latest teak collection from Nathan features unique styling, soft curves and contemporary shades. These are combined with exquisite veneering, intricate door detailing and fine craftsmanship, to enhance the beauty of your home.Shape and proportion are blended to create a stylish, contemporary and elegant look that will fit perfectly into your home. Carefully selected and matched frontage veneers exude quality, equalled by the craftsmanship that goes into creating the beautiful curved glass and wood doors.For centuries, teak has been the most sought after of all prized hardwoods. Furniture makers have valued it for its durability, beautiful grain patination and its natural luster and colour.For more than 50 years, Nathan has selected only the finest grades of teak veneer and treated it with only a clear polish to protect its natural beauty. H 81cm W 178cm D 49cmNathan Furniture has since 1916 been a brand immersed in style.Nathan furniture pieces are desired and enjoyed throughout the world and are classed as collectables by many.
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