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Naf Respirator Boost Delivers Fast, Effective Nutritional Support To The Lungs And Airways Prone To Congestion And Weakness. This Powerful Liquid Formula Is Made From Tinctures Of Supportive Ingredients To Help Soothe And Clear The Airways. As Naturally Athletic Animals, Horses Have Evolved Lungs That Are Designed For Maximum Efficiency In Flight From Predators. The Pressures Of Modern Equine Life, Such As Bedding, Forage And Enclosed Areas, Can Be Detrimental To The Lungs. By Supplementing The Diet With Natural Antioxidants, Like Those In Naf Respirator, The Lungs Can Be Given Valuable Support. The Unique Blend Of Nutrients Provided By Naf Respirator Supports The Mucosal Immune System Within The Respiratory Tract As Well As The Lung Tissue Itself. The Liquid Form Of Naf Respirator Boost Gives The Nutrients Of Naf Respirator In Tincture Form For Optimum Speed Of Absorption. The Action Of Naf Respirator Boost Is Maximised With The Addition Of Eucalyptus And Clove Oil To Aid Natural Drainage. Feed Naf Respirator Boost For An Initial 2 Week Period And Then Move Onto Naf Respirator Powder For Daily Maintenance. Feed 60Ml Per Day

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