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Label: Model Citizen Records Cat #: MODCIT14CD Format: 1 CD - Jewel The Body of Christ and The Legs of Tina Turner is the second album from Dublin group Fight Like Apes. Produced by Gang of Four's Andy Gill the band have stripped back their sound from their debut, opting instead for a more rough-and-ready sound. Lyrically, the band are still happy to document the twisted and the messed-up: "I can't keep writing songs about cutting you up" sings MayKay on 'Pull Off Your Arms and Let's Play in Your Blood', which has a stuttering, smouldering rhythm reminiscent of Placebo's 'Nancy Boy'; while 'Waking Up With Robocop' alludes to a less-than-ideal one night stand. It's not all brash and crude, however, with 'Thank God You Weren't Thirsty (Lightbulb)' showcasing a lyrical vulnerability and a melodic lightness-of-touch that provides some much-needed contrast (although typically, they can't resist upping the tempo halfway through). The Body of Christ is certainly a rawer prospect then their debut LP, and the band's frenzied pop-punk approach benefits from the relative absence of studio trickery. At the same time, it's a sugary sweet pill and a hyperactive ride that can get wearying over the course of the album. There's no shortage of energy and hooks, and these songs should translate well live, but with the possible exception of 'Jenny Kelly', there's nothing here that truly matches the excellence of the early material they made their name with. A good album, but not the knock-out they may yet have in them. Track listing: 1. Come on, Let's Talk About Our Feelings 2. Jenny Kelly 3. Pull Off Your Arms And Let's Play In Your Blood 4. Hoo Ha Henry 5. Katmandu (Face It, You're Caviar, I'm Hotdogs 6. Thank God You Weren't Thirsty (Lightbulb) 7. Poached Eggs 8. Captain A-Bomb 9. Waking Up With Robocop 10. Indie monster 11. Z + H5 Together At Last 12. Ice Cream Apple Fuck