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If your large breed dog seems to put on weight just by looking at food, Royal Canin Maxi Light Weight Care might be the perfect solution for them. What it's for If you think your dog might’ve turned from cuddly to a bit chubby, it would be worth taking them for a trip to the vet to be weighed. A lot of the time, dogs can put on the pounds gradually, so it might take a while to realise they’ve become overweight. You might notice that your pet’s panting lots or can't do much exercise without getting tired. After checking your dog for any other health issues, your vet will probably recommend changing their diet. The best food for losing weight healthily is high in protein and low in fat – this helps your dog build up muscle while losing unhealthy fat. As well as the right diet, plenty of exercise will speed up your dog's weight loss and keep them healthy and happy. Once your dog's looking fit and fabulous again, sticking to both their diet and plenty of playtime and walkies will help them stay that way. Big dogs' bodies, especially if they're overweight, can put a lot of strain on their bones and joints. This means that large breed dogs can be more likely to get nasty bone or joint issues than smaller dogs. Don't worry too much though - you can make this much less likely by feeding your dog a food designed for large breeds and by keeping an eye on their weight. Key benefits fewer calories make it easy for your dog to lose weight lots of protein and low fat builds muscles and fights fat helps your dog feel full great for healthy bones and joints. How it works You might worry about your dog not feeling full when they're on a diet - and how to resist those big brown eyes begging for more? This food has been designed with a special blend of healthy fibres which help your dog feel full quickly. At the same time, each serving contains 21% fewer calories than a serving of regular dog food. The goal of any healthy weight loss diet should be to keep muscle and lose fat, so this food has been made to help your dog do just that. Lots of protein helps to build and keep muscle, while a low fat recipe stops your dog gaining more excess weight. To give your dog's bones and joints all the support they need, the food’s also packed with vitamins and minerals known to help them stay strong. - pieces x 3kg
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