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TAP offer a complete range of their popular 'No More' treatments with this No More sludge treatment formulated to quickly and effectively eliminate the build up of pond sludge Sludge can build up over time looking unsightly and potentially harmful to the wildlife in the pond. TAP No More sludge is a blend of benificial bacteria and natural minerals that break down the organic waste converting it into nitrogen. No More Sludge will in turn boost the performance of pond filters. No More Sludge Sizes 500g which treats 5625 litres or 1250 gallons 1Kg which treats 11250 litres or 2500 gallons 2Kg which treats 22500 litres or 5000 gallons 4Kg which treats 45000 litres or 10000 gallons How To Use No More Sludge Simple mix the correct amount of powder in a bucket of pond water and then pour into the pond. TIP ; Use a watering can for better distribution of treatment and in larger ponds mix the treatment up over several buckets or watering cans to allow you to distribute the treatment all around the pond. Fast Acting sludge removing treatment for fish ponds Natural infusion of benificial organismsand natural minerals to break down organic waste Simple to use with measure included Safe for Fish, plants and all biological filters