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Ideal for keeping hairballs at bay in fluffy cats, Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair provides a balanced all-in-one meal for adult indoor cats. What it's for If your cat’s spending more hours than usual grooming her long hair, she could develop a problem with hairballs. That's because cats sometimes swallow hair while they groom, and this can build up in their stomach. If the hairball can't pass through the gut your cat will cough it back up, which can very unpleasant for her. You can brush your longhair cat to help get rid of excess hairs. Feeding them a fibre-rich meal such as Royal Canin Indoor Longhair will help any hair that’s swallowed to pass through their system with ease. Have a chat with your vet if you think your pet is struggling with hairballs, as a trapped hairball in the tummy could be a problem. Key benefits suitable for adult cats aged between one and seven years developed for the needs of long-haired indoor cats contains highly digestible proteins to improve energy levels nutrients reduce bad toilet smells fibre helps tummies and encourages hairballs to pass through the gut helps support the urinary system How it works In order to treat hairballs in adult cats, this recipe contains a mixture of fibres that keeps tummies in tip-top condition. This means that any swallowed hair will pass smoothly through the gut rather than being coughed up. Royal Canin Indoor Longhair is full of easily digestible proteins, which help to minimise the odour of your pet’s stools and ensure that all the vitamins and minerals in the recipe are absorbed in their tummy. These nutrients help to support their urinary system and keep your cat's skin and coat in great condition. - pieces x 2kg
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