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Harrows new Flight / Shaft System is revolutionary. The shaft is designed to insert into the flight and allow for a full and free rotation. Constructed from a new and unique Polyethylene material, it produces a perfect 90° degree wing angle for perfection in flight. Reinforced edges for increased durability and long life and a 360° degree rotation means you will achieve closer grouping and higher scores. Stems are available in 6 colours (Black, Blue, Clear, Pink, Red and White) and in 3 distinct sizes: Short = 23 mm Midi = 30 mm Medium = 37 mm Harrows is a leading innovator and manufacturer of darts and dart related products. HARROWS CLIC stems will only work with Clic flights and clic flights will only work with clic stems. You will receive 1 set (package of 3 individual) of stems. All pictures other than that of the listed item is for illustrative purposes to show how the system works and to show examples of available products.