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We have used Calphormin for weanlings/yealings at Highclere Stud for several years and are delighted with the way our stock are doing. 2012 English and Irish Derby Winner, Camelot was raised on Calphormin " - Lady Carolyn Warren Highclere Stud " Fresians have very slow growth, but the Fresian horses are very heavy. The right amount of Calphormin allows the leg bones to grow harmoniously and constant throughout the development phase. The carpal bones grow gradually without unbalancing and bone structure does not appear to be spongy " - Eleanor Goruppi Champion Italian Fresian Breeder. TRM Calphormin the perfect supplement for skeletal development and conformation - feed to a mare in foal to ensure proper development even before it is born. And feed to young horses up to two years old to ensure optimum growth and development. Available in 3kg, 10kg and 20kg Contains a balanced combination or macro-minerals, trace-minerals, amino-acids and Sodium Zeolite which can be fed to the mare and passed to the foal. This supplement has undergone intense trails in broodmares which shows Calphormin provides a carefully balanced and palatable formula that has they essential key nutrients for optimum growth to produce sound and robust athletic horses.
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