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Main Features Carbon Filter Type 150- 50290644009 Compatible with Ctrl + F And Type your model to make it easy to find Aeg Manufacturer Ref: 50230529005 330 470 5708 760 760dw dl60.2 h511d h760d Arthur Martin Manufacturer Ref: 50230529005 afc635 afc935 AFG532 afg532x afg532x1 afi634 afp636 EX70 ex74 ex781 EX80 EX88 ex951 hc05101 hc0515 W1 Bauknecht Manufacturer Ref: 481281718526 dcfh3790 de3360 dfh3390ws dnhi3655 dnhi3660 dnhi3690 dnv3340 dnv3360 dnv3460 Sauter Manufacturer Ref: 72x0142 she36bf1 Scholtes Manufacturer Ref: 132182 H3460 h34601 h3490 H3760 H3790 H4890 h48902 h5890 H8760 H8790 hc6060 hf3160 hi901 htb90 htl76 htl76an htl76ix htl76wh Whirlpool Manufacturer Ref: 481281718526 AKB063 AKG957 akr415 akr435 akr602 akr614fav akr614fbl akr614fnb AKR615AV AKR615NB AKR615WH akr699 akr975 de3360 dfh3390 dkr3203