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Samsung FC 128GB PROEnd C10 UHS1 U1 MicroSDAD MBMJ128GAEU Storage SD Cards Flash Memory The PRO Endurance is specially built for maximum compatibility with the demanding specs of a wide variety of surveillance & security cams, dash cams, and body cams The PRO Endurance memory card provides the longest lasting performance and exceptional reliability, both critical for todays continuous recording devices A single PRO Endurance card lasts as long as 25 EVO Plus cards, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and reducing reliability concerns As the industrys only endurance card to support both 4K and FHD video, the PRO Endurance is the optimal card for todays 4K and high definition monitoring devices Capable in harsh realworld conditions, it is resistant to magnets, Xrays, water and an extensive range of temperatures. Water Resistant up to 72 hours in seawater
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