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With PURINA PRO PLAN Dog Large Puppy Robust with OPTISTART Rich in Chicken Dry Food, you can be sure that your energetic puppy is getting everything they need for a great start in life. How it works Puppies have slightly different dietary needs to adult dogs, as they're still growing. This means you should be feeding your puppy well-balanced and nutritious food that encourages strong joint and immune system development. This PURINA food contains a number of ingredients that do just that. Fish oils contribute to healthy joints for an active lifestyle, while chicken proteins, maize and rice provide all the fibre and nutrition your pet needs. Colostrum, which is found in mother's milk, is also included, which is a great bolster for your dog's immune system. This food is specially designed for larger puppies. Key features high in nutrients that promote joint health colostrum boosts immune system specially designed for larger puppies well balanced for healthy growth and development. When to use it Larger puppies may need more food than smaller breeds, but still have different dietary requirements to adult dogs. Although they might be on the bigger side, they're still growing and that means they need the right balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This PURINA PRO PLAN Dog Large Puppy Robust with OPTISTART Rich in Chicken Dry Food has everything your big puppy needs to keep them racing around the house, while making sure they're entering adult life in good shape. The inclusion of colostrum is vital to your puppy's development; as a natural ingredient found in mother's milk, it helps to reinforce a powerful immune system early in life. Your active puppy will be supported by key nutrients that encourage strong joints, high energy and efficient natural defences. Always ask your vet for advice when choosing what to feed your puppy, as every breed and dog is different. - pieces x 12kg
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