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Absorbine Hooflex Frog And Sole Care Is A Highly-Effective Preparation For Hoof Thrush That Kills Bacteria And Fungi, Eliminating The Foul Odour Associated With Thrush And Bacterial Infection. This Clear Formula Provides Three Distinct Advantages Over Competitive Formulas: It Will Not Sting, Stain, Or Dry The Hoof. Hooflex Frog And Sole Care Is Easily Applied With The Special Squeeze Applicator That Is Specially Designed To Reach Deep Into The Frog Where Thrush Organisms Breed. Absorbine Hooflex Frog And Sole Care Kills Bacteria And Fungi That Cause Thrush And White Line Disease, Whilst Promoting Healthy Tissue Growth (Unlike Iodine And The Like, That Stop Tissue Regrowth). Available In 12 Ounce/ 355Ml Bottle
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