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Hill’s Ideal Balance canine adult wet food comes in three flavours to help keep mealtimes exciting for your dog. What it's for You wouldn’t like to eat the same meal every day, so why would your dog? Feeding your dog a different flavour each day can help to keep dinnertime exciting for them. It’s also a great way to get fussy eaters to finish their food. Each flavour gives your pet a complete, balanced meal, so your dog gets all of the vitamins and minerals they need to stay happy and healthy. If you’re thinking of switching your dog’s food, speak to your vet beforehand. They’ll be able to offer advice on feeding amounts as well as tell you whether the new food is suitable for any medical conditions your pet might have. Key benefits balance of vitamins and minerals everything your dog needs for a healthy lifestyle three recipes high quality, natural ingredients high in fibre How it works Hill’s Ideal Balance gives you three flavours to choose from at mealtimes: salmon, chicken and lamb. Each mix is made using top-quality meat cuts, which give your dog a big boost of protein so they can build and repair muscle, as well as have energy for playtime. Vegetables give each flavour its yummy taste, as well as make sure your dog is getting essential vitamins and minerals for healthy development. As this wet food is made using only natural ingredients, it’s great for dogs with allergies. Fibre from brown rice and peas aids digestion. This means that your pet can absorb the maximum amount of goodness from their meal. Good digestion also reduces the risk of an upset tummy after eating. - pieces x 363g - Salmon & Veg
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