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adidas AlphaSkin Sport T-ShirtTake your workout outdoors in this men's training t-shirt. The Alpha Skin Sport Short Sleeve Tee from adidas features Compression panels in its construction. The compression panels are placed across key muscles groups which wrap the muscles firmly and reduce the vibrations which often occur during exercise. If the muscles are not supported, the vibrations could cause fatigue, aches and pains. In Addition, another great benefit which is offered by Compression is that tight fit improves blood circulation, therefore, helps to oxygenate the blood and improves recovery time when the muscles receive microtrauma and microtears during a training session. The Alpha Skin construction of the tee gives the wearer next-to-skin comfort without having to sacrifice freedom of movement, allowing you to move without encountering any restriction. The tee also offers Climacool technology that allows excess sweat and moisture away from the skin and moves it to outer fabric layers where it can be easily evaporated. This will allow the wearer to remain cool, dry and comfortable as they train instead of taking the focus away from training. Ideal for sunny training days, the fabric of the Alpha Skin uses a UV Blocking treatment which will help to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Throughout construction, flatlock seams have been used which allow the garment to sit closely on the skin without causing any chafing and discomfort. Mesh panels have been placed across areas where heat is often trapped, allowing the heat to be released at the same time as allowing cool air to flow in through the fabric. This will create a cooler environment for the skin and will help to keep the wearer comfortable and focused on giving their very best performance.
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