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Emerald Green Onyx Necklace | 7th Wedding Anniversary Emerald Green Onyx a symbol of Inspiration, Patience & Love Feature Emerald Green Onyx Heart Briolette Bead (Approx 9 - 11 mm) Sterling Silver Chain or 14ct Gold Filled Chain Price: £30 - £36 All Jacqueline Ashworth jewellery is handmade in the UK. Due to the unique nature of the gemstones used, each piece may differ slightly from the photo shown. Need Help? Email k Model wears 20" Emerald Green Onyx Briolette Necklace in 14ct Gold Filled and an 18" Personalised Matilda Necklace in 14ct Gold Filled. Briolette Necklace The briolette beads in this necklace range have been meticulously hand chosen to ensure your necklace displays effortless style. The facets on this heart briolette give it some extra sparkle and enhance the beautiful shape. Handmade in Jacqueline Ashworth’s North Devon workshop, this necklace is perfect for layering, but also a subtle addition to any outfit if worn alone. An essential piece of jewellery which would make a thoughtful, personal gift for someone special or a special treat for yourself. Stone Onyx is type of chalcedony and these green onyx briolettes are a lovely shade of emerald green. Onyx is thought to be the 7th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone - wedding anniversary shopping just got a lot easier. Care Information Our beautiful jewellery needs to be looked after to ensure that it will continue to sparkle for years to come. For some hints and tips on how to care for your jewellery see our Jewellery Care Page.
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