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Feeding your puppy Purina Pro Plan dog medium puppy with OPTISTART rich in chicken dry food gives your puppy the head start they need to grow into a healthy and strong adult. What it's for It's very important that puppies are supported with a healthy and balanced diet that's packed with lots of nutrients and vitamins as they grow up big and strong. These Purina biscuits in chicken flavour are full of colostrum, vitamin C and zinc which are all great for the healthy development of your new furry friend. The colostrum in this food is the key ingredient as it helps boost and strengthen your puppy's immune system, helping them fight of nasty illnesses and infections. Key benefits natural ingredients colostrum to help boost your puppy's immune system added vitamin C and zinc supports your puppy's active lifestyle special OPTISTART recipe. How it works Use this recipe to replace their regular food. It's packed with fantastic nutrients to help your puppy get the best out of their mealtimes. Lots of calcium supports good bone and joint health, meaning they can keep running around the park as they get older. This is really important as it helps them build muscle tone and burn off excess energy, keeping them at a healthy weight (plus it's great fun for them!). The food's fortified with colostrum, a natural ingredient which is also found in their mum's milk. It's an effective way to strength your little pal's immune system, meaning they'll be more resistant to bugs and sickness as an adult. Before switching your puppy's diet, be sure to have a chat with your vet. - pieces x 3kg
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