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Purina Pro Plan - Medium - Puppy Pro Plan Medium Puppy helps to build and strengthen your puppy's natural immunity. Medium Puppy supports the digestive system by creating a better balance between the 'good' and 'bad' bacteria in the intestinal tract. This balance helps your puppy to absorb all of the required nutrients in order to gain weight and grow, and it also reduces the risk of infections and diarrhoea. Key Benefits Contains important ingredients, such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, to support the development of your puppy's healthy skin and shiny coat. Contains DHA, originally present in mother milk, essential for optimal brain development and vision. OPTISTART with colostrum, the first mother milk, rich in natural antibodies. This benefits the immune response system, helping to enhance the protection the puppy has already received from its mother. The food also ensures a good balance between the good and bad bacteria in your puppy's intestines to help provide immunity to common ailments during the puppy phase. Flavour Chicken Quantity Adjust the amount of food to your dog's body weight. Composition Chicken (18%), wheat, hydrated poultry protein, gluten, animal fat, soya meal, rice (7%), maize, digest, dried beetroot pulp, minerals, fish oil, dried colostrum (0,1%). More Pro Plan puppy foods are also available alongside Pro Plan Medium - Puppy.