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DJI Factory Refurbished, so you can be assured that it has come out like new. The DJI OSMO Mobile 2 PART 1 Base/Stand can be purchased seperately, see LN 91355. img { border-radius:5px; } A Gimbal to Share your Odyssey You can't share your story of the day with a video or photo that is shaky and all over the place, it just doesn't sit right with the eyes. Even with image stabilisation and gyroscopes, you'll find that the hands or a selfie stick don't meet your expectations. This is where the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 comes in. A handheld gimbal designed specifically for smartphones, bundled with its app, your videos and photos, your stories, will be one step above the rest. The Osmo Mobile 2 allows you to capture video with cinematic movement, not available with your regular selfie stick and for those that take advantage of the ever increasing quality of smartphone cameras, this is a fantastic feature that will elevate your work. Osmo Mobile 2, Osmo' Options Featured on the Osmo Mobile 2 is a set of controls that allow you to control the gimbal and smartphone itself, through the app which connects via Bluetooth. This eliminates the need to even touch the phone itself, knocking it during a shot. The joystick will swivel the gamble on its axis, while the record button doubles as a photo button by holding it in. There's also a zoom function on the side and a USB port to charge your smartphone with the 15 hour battery of the gimbal itself. The app also comes with ActiveTrack, which allows you to set a target and the gimbal will automatically follow it around, giving you a perfect view of what you want, wherever you might walk. With the brushless motor, it'll eliminate small vibrations or large disruptions, leaving you with a steady shot of what you're tracking. All the Views in the World Are Yours The Osmo Mobile 2 now comes with a standard tripod mounting hole, which you can either attach DJI's own stand for the Osmo Mobile 2 or one you already own. You can use this to capture brilliant time-lapses through the app, which will be as steady as your regular videos, giving you fantastic results. As you start to go out and about with the gimbal, you'll want to take larger photos than your camera on the smartphone can provide. However, with the DJI app, you can set the gimbal to go to key points automatically on the hit of the record button and it will provide you with either a smooth shot across a landscape or several portrait pictures to make up a panorama photo. Sharing your life's adventures, just got a whole lot smoother.