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Aarz London wide range of sandals from Day to evening Collection, featuring diamante crystals that add a perfect touch to our Sandals. We have a collection of flats, wedges and heels. A shoe store with a diamond and bling thing going on in a big way !! This place has the biggest selection of diamante high heel strappy sandals I have ever seen -- and they have just introduced bags as well !! Forget your huge gemstones for £350.00 (not too difficult on my budget!!) and walk in here if you really feel the need for some serious xmas glitter -- the place is crawling with leather flat slippers covered in stones for a mere £10-15.00 as well. Go here on a Saturday and you are fighting for a place to try on --this place is packed. The most amazing section is the little girls section of shoes -- I have never seen 1970,s gold platform wedges for 5 year old girls before !! And they had them -- Some fantastic dressing up shoes and heels for little girls -- This is a great place to buy a present for that really girly girl -- and not be forgotten soon.

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