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At Advanced Acoustics we pride ourselves in the work we do. We are always working hard to bring you the best products, the best price and the best service. Our vast range of products means that we can accomplish this. So whether you require acoustic foam for your studio, soundproofing for your home, acoustic panels for your cinema or listening room or if you need an acoustic treatment solution for your offices or meeting rooms we here at Advanced Acoustics have the know-how to be able to help you.<p>We know it can sometimes be daunting when first looking for acoustic treatment or soundproofing. With the huge range of bass traps, acoustic tiles, acoustic panels, soundproofing products and isolation booths it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. However you can rest assured that we are always happy to help and advise what’s best for you, your application and your budget. And because every product we offer is made by us in the UK you can rest assured that the product will be of the highest quality.<p>So whether you require bass traps for your control room, acoustic tiles for your vocal booth, acoustic panels for your recording room, isolation booth for your studio, acoustic treatment for your home cinema, acoustic panels for your office, restaurant or classroom or soundproofing for your living room we can help you with what you need.<p>Installing the correct acoustic treatment has a vast range of benefits depending on the application. It improves room performance, staff productivity, students attention, customer comfort and more so don’t neglect the room get in touch with us for acoustic treatment and soundproofing advice.

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