armourdog® is a brand of Lente Designs Ltd, well known in the industry as manufacturer of tablet computer covers since 2009. We created the armourdog® brand to separate our ‘business focused’ product range from the more flamboyant covers we create at Lente Designs. When you buy an armourdog® cover, you can be sure that you buying into a well-established and highly regarded product brand, with an exceptional reputation for customer service. Based just outside London in Buckinghamshire, the Lente Designs office houses the local team near the UK distribution warehouse. We also have international distribution hubs servicing the US and Europe. Our mission is to create a solution focused product range for task specific environments such as hospitality, MPoS (Mobile Point of Sale), healthcare, engineering and onsite work. As well as our comprehensive range of protective covers, we design and manufacture custom solutions to specific requirements. We have a number of partners we can use for bespoke kiosks, mounts, and industrial protection. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team..

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