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...king a dunking in the Grand Union Canal. I won’t regale you with the exact circumstances, but will report that I learned first hand the importance of keeping all your important gear completely dry. I was a fan of Overboard’s kit before that incident, and use its Waterproof […]
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... essentials, as well as wipes, creams and nappies. You may even want to use it for your keys and purse rather than toting about your handbag as well. Beware of choosing a bag that's too big however, as it will be bulky to carry. Plus, keep in mind that a deep bag may hold lots, but ...
...se can be useful to help you spot what you need quickly without having to root through every compartment. Can it be used as a normal handbag? If you'd like to keep things more subtle, look for a bag that can double as a handbag, or that you can continue using after the nappy stage i...
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