Careers at Pricesearcher

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Pricesearcher is a fast growing UK startup that has been going for over 2 years. We’re a well funded team of 20 situated in the heart of Farringdon, London. We’re a vertical search engine, like Skyscanner and Indeed. Our mission is to index all the world’s prices and create an open shopping search experience, for everyone.

Working environment

Our challenges keep us awake at night and take our thinking to the next level. We give you the autonomy, trust and support to do your best work - but it won’t always be easy. We approach our problems from all angles as a team and believe that failing is just as important to the process as succeeding. You will work directly with the founding team who have been together for over 5 years. People from all walks of life who have joined from some of the biggest names in online, to work together on this mission. Every member of the business is here to help support and share in your success!

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