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Fridge-freezers are superb space savers, and can make a real impact to a designer kitchen. Whether you're looking for a compact integrated fridge-freezer, or a stunning American-style model, you'll be wanting reliability, practicality and value. But how to find your way through the bewildering choice? Ask S21!
Startup Spinn talks big about its unique coffee maker and hopefully it's justified.
The LG GSL545NSYV American-style fridge-freezer is a premium appliance, with beautiful looks and superb build quality. We love its easy-open doors and high-tech looks. It offers enorm...
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...eplacing your old fridge freezer, you’ll probably want the same type: be that freestanding, integrated or American. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, it’s worth deciding on the type you want early on, whe...
... on the bottom, or an American style fridge freezer which has each component side to side. But if you have an integrated kitchen, you may need a built-in model. Built-in models tend to have less space inside as they have to fit inside a kitchen cabinet. There ...
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