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Fridge-freezers are superb space savers, and can make a real impact to a designer kitchen. Whether you're looking for a compact integrated fridge-free...
30th September, 2015
A large, stylish fridge freezer with a massive fridge compartment
26th March, 2016
A large and stylish fridge freezer with good overall performance
11th September, 2016
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... week’s worth of food. A 200 – 450 litre fridge-freezer will be perfect for a medium sized family; and if you have a large household you will probably need a fridge-freezer with a 450+ litre total capacity. Fridge-freezers come in three different styles, with a range...
...mpact Disadvantages: - More expensive - Usually costs more to run - Smaller variety American-style Fridge Freezers Advantages: - Large storage - Looks good! - Additional features: digital display, chiller cabinets etc - Usually comes with water/ice dispenser Disadvantages: - Mor...
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