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Windows 8 is more than just an updated version of Microsoft's Windows operating system. It's a huge leap into the world of tablets and touchscreen devices.
The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8-inch is a low-cost tablet with a unique design. The Yoga features an integrated cylindrical core that houses the camera, speakers,...
HTC's Windows Phone 8S delivers the joys of Windows Phone 8 at a budget mid-range price. Good-looking, easy to use and with all the hardware needed to deliv...
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... Android operating system is featured on a massive amount of tablets from different manufacturers like Samsung, Asus, Sony and Lenovo, as well as Googleâ 8;™s own Nexus tablets. Android offers you a more customisable experience than with iOS, letting you choose h...
Tablet buying guide Tablets are perfect for mobile computing on the go. Whether you're considering an Apple iPad, Android or Windows tablet, we'll tak...
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