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The iPad Mini 3 is a compact iPad with a Retina display and a fast A7 processor. It also now features a Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor for extra security.
The HTC One Mini is a smaller, cheaper version of the flagship HTC One. It's a gorgeous-looking phone, but over-priced for what you get.
The Samsung Mini is a compact smartphone, even though the word Mini seems to be an exaggeration.
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...e made at far lower prices than standalone players. If you’re itching to give DJing a bash, here’s a mini guide to the best DJ controllers for beginners. Numark Mixtrack Pro II The original Mixtrack Pro was a landmark product in the DJ world. Not beca...
... be overly complicated. And be careful of draining the charge on your smart device – playing music via Bluetooth can diminish your battery. Internet streaming vs USB Some micro hi-fis are capable of accessing your home wi-fi network and streaming music from online sour...
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