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...quo;s latest offerings, it shows no signs of letting up. Inour latest review, we get to grips with the firm's Moab FST GTX hiking shoes. £120 www.merrell.co.uk / www.cotswoldoutdoor.com For 35 years now Merrell has been recognised as a reliable gear manufacturer and
At about 566g per pair (size 6.5) this is one of the lightest shoes we have on test, designed predominantly for trail running, but a good option for fast, light hiking if you’re not planning to carry a heav...
Keeping your feet attached to the pedals is really awesome but can be a bit scary and inconvenient in a city. Some of the shoes can also be hard to walk in and make you look just a little silly, especially on smooth surfaces. However, it needn’t be that way, and thi...
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... running and jumping. See all videos Browse hundreds of baby and toddler clothing and accessories. What to look for when buying Choose laces or Velcro. Velcro fasteners make it easier to get shoes on and off, and you won't have to worry about retying laces all day long. But a child ma...
...fit properly. If your baby's a wriggler, Velcro is the easiest to do up; but if they love pulling socks and shoes off, then buckles or laces may be better to outwit them. If you go for laces, check they're long enough to tie a double knot so that you don't get backache bending down to...
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